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The use of public funds to influence the 2020 election will be a topic of research and conversation in the weeks and months to come but there’s work that can be done today.

First, let’s look at a recent example of one North Texas school district where public resources appear to have been used to turn out the Democrat vote.

According to Texas Scorecard reporting on the matter, a Richardson Independent School District employee used the virtual bulletin board to promote a Democrat slate. That’s a no-no.

Texans who are interested in election integrity, including a level playing field for all candidates and parties on the ballot can take action.

If you have a student in public school, and energy to burn on election day or in the days that follow, take a look at any bulletin boards (virtual in many cases) and search for electioneering for any party or candidate.

To submit a tip give us a call at 1-877-267-8683 or email if you have an example or would like help forming an open records request.

This is the action for now but there’s a next step.

Further reforms to election law could have been accomplished during the 2019 legislative session that may have curtailed the abuse of public resources on campaign activities.

Legislation creating a criminal offense for school district employees to use public funds or resources (including a school message board) was authored and advocated for during the 2019 legislative session.

SB 1569 would have increased penalties on the use of school district recourses to electioneer. passed out of the Senate but was left pending in the Texas House like many other priority election integrity bills during the 2019 session.

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