Houston has a problem

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Houston has a problem, and its name is Diane Trautman.

This week, national attention turned to Texas as long lines at the Texas Southern University campus caused voters to wait for several hours to vote.

Hillary Clinton called the lines a poll tax. If she’s right, this poll tax was in part self-imposed and in part the fault of Diane, the Democrat County Clerk in charge of administering the election.

Early voting across Texas lasts for ten days. Lines at polling places on those days are nonexistent. Yet, turnout over those ten days equals or is less than voting on election day in many counties.

Long lines at the 11th hour are due to procrastination, not disenfranchisement.

When lines inevitably form on election day, voters rely on information from the county to avoid them. Harris County’s problems with last-minute voters were exacerbated by faulty wait times posted to the county’s website.

Voters arrived at Southern on Friday expecting wait times of an hour but were met with five-plus hour waits.

These waits are in part due to the aforementioned last-minute voters but are also a product of misallocated resources, another job Diane flubbed.

Further, maybe the lines wouldn’t be so long if ineligible voters weren’t voting? As it turns out, America’s most famous procrastinator may have voted illegally.

According to The Texan, Hervis Rogers, one of the last voters to leave Southern on Tuesday evening may have voted illegally as a felon who has not completed his parole.

Following the long lines on Tuesday, Democrats filed a lawsuit to reinstate straight-ticket voting.

This additional litigation from Democrats was expected as the party has been telegraphing they will be filing lawsuits from now until November to try and establish or protect illegitimate advantages but it’s one that might be welcome by Republicans, unsure about how it will affect down-ballot races in 2020 and moving forward.

Trigger happy Democrat litigation is not an excuse for inaction. More and more it’s clear 2019 was the year to pass comprehensive election integrity legislation, building on 2017’s SB 5.

Diane is bad at many things but there is one thing she’s good at, not taking responsibility for her faults. On Friday, Diane blamed Republicans no longer in office for her failings.

Diane distributed voting machines.

Diane sent voters to packed polling locations.

Diane allowed ineligible voters to vote.

Diane is the problem.

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