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Yesterday, the Texas Civil Rights Project released a “report” alleging the disenfranchisement of a large swath of Texans and claimed dire consequences if reforms aren’t enacted immediately.

Coincidentally, the number of voters that the group suggest were disenfranchised was enough to give Robert O’Rorke a victory over Senator Ted Cruz in 2018. Having reviewed the document, Direct Action Texas advises it be seen for what it is, a tool to aid electoral power grab legislation akin to Nancy Pelosi’s HR 1.

TCRP is an extreme group that has worked recently to keep non-citizens registered to vote in Texas, undermining any suggestion that they uphold accurate elections or value the votes of Texas citizens including minorities, the young and impoverished citizens.

Currently, the votes of minorities, the young and impoverished voters are being canceled by the votes of non-citizen voters incorrectly registered and voting in Texas elections.

Many points in the report are red herrings, rely solely on anecdotal evidence or exclude relevant data undermining the veracity of the report including a failure to note the number of out of state and resident non-citizens enrolled in Texas universities.  The report is an exercise in arriving at an arbitrary figure and conclusion to support an ideological agenda.

Despite this, the report’s own aims, including a call for online and automatic voter registration, are undermined by the fact that nearly 80% of Texas’ voting age population was registered to vote in the 2018 midterm election. If the system is so broken, why are four out of every five Texans able to register to vote?

Automatic voter registration in California has lead to hundreds of thousands of non-citizens being incorrectly registered to vote and in 2016, the only known hacking incident involving U.S. elections was done via an online voter registration portal. Additionally, the potential for fraud and abuse of such a system abound and would likely remove known checks for identifying and prosecuting voter fraud.

In a survey of rejected provisional ballots, the vast majority in the states largest counties by population were rejected due to the voter not being registered. Claiming there is a fundamental problem with provisional balloting, noting this fact, is disingenuous.

While Texas elections do face issues, including fraud and needed list maintenance, Election Administrators across the state, by all appearances handled a surge in registered voters and turnout well in 2018.

Texas has put in place processes for ensuring that elections are administered fairly including adhering to federally mandated registration cut-offs and curtailing vote harvesting efforts by regulating voter registrar activities.

This “report” and the actions of some on the left seek to undermine these efforts and should be rejected.

As can be expected, this report is being trumpted by the liberal media in Texas without critical observation of the report’s findings and authors and reported without equal coverage of diverging opinions.

Apart from being inaccurate in parts and misleading in others, the issue with complaints raised by the report is the solutions proposed represent steps that would undermine the rights of Texans and trust that Texans are deciding elections.

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