Illegal Voting Conviction Upheld

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On Thursday, an appeals court upheld the five-year prison sentence of a Texas woman convicted of illegally voting.

Crystal Mason, on parole for defrauding the federal government in a tax prep scheme, was convicted of illegally voting in the 2016 election.

Mason and her attorneys (ACLU) claim she was never told she wasn’t allowed to vote. She was.

At her initial trial, multiple letters sent to Mason’s home after her federal conviction informing her she had been removed from the voter rolls and was ineligible to vote were produced.

Additionally, the provisional ballot that Mason read and signed stated that, if she was on probation, she was ineligible to vote. Mason, who had a parole officer, signed that declaration.

How weak is the claim that she didn’t know? So weak it wasn’t made the basis of her appeal. Instead, Mason’s appeal was based on the fact that her provisional ballot wasn’t counted.

So, she broke the law but shouldn’t be punished, novel.

The left, more than any Russian-boogeymen are interfering and undermining Texas elections by defending and carving out space for illegal voting in this case and others.

Prosecutions of illegal voting and vote harvesting are on the rise after needed tools for combating the behavior became law in 2017.

Media narratives about Mason cast Texas election law when it comes to felons voting as indecipherable. They aren’t. If you are a convicted felon serving a sentence or on parole you can’t vote.

Again, reporting on Mason’s illegal voting conviction frequently omits or misrepresents the fact that when casting her provisional ballot Mason swore that she was not on probation, which she was.

Warnings on provisional ballots are big, bold, and brief. It borders on the unbelievable that it would be missed or misunderstood by a competent individual.

The left has consistently defended illegal voting, specifically citing Mason’s case as a travesty of justice. It’s the opposite.

Mason got caught. Too many others don’t.

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