In-person Voting is Safe

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Two weeks ago, the American left threw a collective hissy fit about Wisconsinites voting in person. The deployed hyperbole, people were going to vote, get sick, and die because balloting by mail was not expanded.

A review of Wisconsin coronavirus statistics one week after the election suggested that this wasn’t going to be the case. Two weeks on and the verdict is official, voting in person did not endanger or disenfranchise Wisconsin voters.

Ironically, mail-in ballots may have robbed some of their votes. Three tubs of mail-in ballots were lost in the shuffle, only to be discovered after the election.

For those keeping score at home, Republicans insisting on in-person voting did not reduce turnout or result in an increase in coronavirus transmission. The Democrat’s push for mail-in balloting may have actually disenfranchised voters.

Upending elections by expanding fraud-prone mail-in balloting, curbside voting or other novel, logistically cumbersome approaches inflicts unnecessary damage to trust in the democratic process.

Voting in 2020 should be carried out in the manner prescribed by law as previous elections have been, with the caveat that election workers clean religiously and have proper spacing and screening for in-person voting.

If distancing requirements mean additional polling locations need to be opened, election administrators are empowered with the ability to flex into additional sites.

Wisconsin isn’t the only example of successful in-person voting during the coronavirus outbreak. South Koreans voted in record in-person numbers last week with amped-up cleaning and screening in place.

It’s anticipated that South Korea will have similar results to Wisconsin since space and keeping things clean isn’t rocket science.

The media narrative that voters were risking life and limb is driving up angst, which is likely the point. Democrats have publicly stated that coronavirus is a crisis to be used in the service of pushing progressive policies that have failed to become law.

Wisconsin is now a great example of reality not matching the liberal narrative.

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