Incumbent Get Nervous Throws Ethics To The Wind.

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Incumbents are hard to beat. The numbers show this very clearly, but entrenched incumbent from NE Tarrant County Giovanni Capriglionne is nervous.

When incumbents get nervous they pull out all the tricks, and this is when they throw ethics to the wind.

Recently Giovanni’s campaign papered a neighborhood with invitations to a CAMPAIGN Meet and Greet. The hand delivered invitation was delivered inside an official government “Texas House of Representatives” envelope with his Austin government office as the return address. Texas law clearly prohibits this activity. Section 255.003 states “UNLAWFUL USE OF PUBLIC FUNDS FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISING. An officer or employee of a political subdivision may not knowingly spend or authorize the spending of public funds for political advertising.”

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) The invitation is clearly a campaign piece, directing the reader to Gio’s campaign website and even includes the campaign legal disclosure. Yet the envelope (see picture) is his official Austin envelope.

The commingling of campaign and State resources is a misdemeanor. Section 255 goes on to explain “A person who violates (this section) commits an offense. An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.”

One likely explanation for such violation is that a state staffer stuffed the envelopes and simply used the envelopes at their disposal. That scenario rasies the question as to who was paying for their time? Did they stuff these envelopes at Gio’s state office? If so, this would result in additional violations.

The point here is clear – Giovanni clearly wants to use the influence of the incumbency to affect the outcome of his reelection. Gio knows that voters are enamored with meeting elected state representatives. He is counting on that to increase the turn out to his meet and greet. After all, his reception everywhere else is timid at best. Political observers have noticed Gio no longer attends public events, rather only small, closed and/or controlled events where he believes the odds of being confronted on his actual record are minimal.

Now his record includes a clear violation of state statute. The good news is voters have a choice at the polls in just a few weeks. Help make Gio at statistic and vote the incumbent out.

You can read the Texas Ethics Complaint HERE.

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