Left Crafts Crude Electoral Shiv

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The left is fashioning a shiv to fatally undermine trust in elections. In part, the plan involves lowering expectations ahead of November.

After months of calling for drastic changes to how elections are run, the left is now “prepping” Americans for delayed results.

This messaging is being peddled as a public service, but it’s anything but helpful to suggest delays in results are inevitable or to ignore the fact that this messaging will be used to call for additional destabilizing 11th-hour changes.

Narratives with manipulated visions about how the election will play out serve multiple nefarious aims, let’s take them in turn.

Protracted Waiting

A Washington Post article published this week suggests that, baring a landslide victory for either side (read: Biden), an election result is not coming on election night but maybe weeks later.

This might be the case but it should infuriate voters concerned with free, fair, and safe elections.

Delayed results are a bug, not a feature but when it comes to the 2020 election, a creation of the political left’s design or at least the logical byproduct of their attempts to gain an electoral advantage by expanding mail-in voting.

In fact, some changes the left is seeking including universal mail-in balloting, and weeks for ballots to arrive, ensure a month-plus late result is baked in (more on this later).

There’s no reason that a typical election needing more time wouldn’t be afforded a buffer but these delays should be counted in days not weeks. The potential for massive unrest will only increase as days turn to weeks.

One of the issues that’s lead to delayed results in state primary elections in 2020 is the post-marking and mailing of ballots followed by the amount of time allowed for ballots to trickle in for counting.

This process can take up to 30 days in some cases (California) and recent maneuvering from leftist litigants suggests they will try and push out deadlines across the country, hence the prepping narrative on delay.

Recommendation: Don’t allow the idea of a protracted delay to take root.

Eroding Security

In addition to logistical issues adding to distrust in the voting process, recently Congress and Democrats on a state-by-state basis have been working to erode mechanisms in place to prevent fraud.

Congress has recently moved to end signature verification, allow vote harvesting, and move to universal mail-in balloting.

These changes, sought via legislation or lawsuit are rightly seen as a power grab during a crisis, Hillary Clinton has said as much.

This activity has President Trump warning of widespread fraud as a result of an increase in mail-in ballot use, and there are already examples being reported of opportunistic bad guys taking advantage of the situation.

In New Jersey, multiple men were charged with criminal conduct involving mail-in ballots during a May 2020 special election. Similar cases should be expected.

How does the media respond to warnings that mail-in changes allow for fraud? They attack the messenger, which in this case happens to fit the Orange Man Bad trope.

Recommendation: Don’t allow security measures to be rolled back.

Blessing Illegal Circumvention

The left, writing about delays, is speaking past the sale to normalize circumvention of state law to change how elections are run.

This is subtle, but by preparing everyone to wait, the left is whitewashing expansion of voting by mail outside of the legislative process, along with any counting, harvesting, and verification efforts they are working to upend.

Mail-in balloting has not been expanded universally and where it hasn’t it shouldn’t.

Where there has been a broad expansion of mail-in balloting, followed by delayed counting the left is now pressing for further changes, including counting ballots before election day.

This is a huge issue. Election outcomes are meant to be known on election day not before.

Counting ballots ahead of the election, as they will in Michigan, a battleground state, could result in one side knowing who’s winning before all votes have been cast, an unacceptable advantage that has to lead cheating in the past.

Recommendation: Don’t accept the premise or give an inch, you may end up giving a mile.

Misinformation Machine

In the past couple of months, we’ve seen election results in Georgia, California, and New York lag by over a week after exploding use of mail-in balloting, now we’ll see how Texas performs.

While we’ve seen delays in counting votes following primary elections in many states, we have not seen surges in coronavirus case counts directly linked to the act of voting.

Most famously, the left ahead of the first major primary during the pandemic in the state of Wisconsin suggested that voters were taking their lives into their hands to head to the polls.

In Wisconsin, there were no cases of COVID-19 directly and inextricably linked to the act voting. There were less than 70 cases involving voters. 

Rolling out of bed on a daily basis begins a period of time in which one’s life is constantly at risk from any number of tragedies.

During the pandemic, while activity has been curtailed, citizens have been allowed to move about. Visiting grocery and big box stores during the pandemic has lead to the meme-ified observation that if I can shop for groceries, I can vote in person.

This is true and taking it a step further, you can vote in person more safely than shopping for groceries.

The suggestion hanging out in the background of media reporting and present in litigation to expand mail-in ballot during the pandemic is that a person is disproportionately more likely to contract the bug and die by voting.


Handwringing and fear-mongering over in-person voting weaponized by a willing media is more disruptive than tweets suggesting mail-in balloting is prone to fraud.

Recommendation: Ignore fake news, vote in person.

Pre-approved Skepticism

And if there is a blowout, is the result to be trusted?

Yes, this is a lesser highlighted point of what’s being written but it deserves examination.

The current backdrop for the blowout trapdoor for an immediate result is blowout polls for Joe Biden. Would a Trump blowout receive equal reverence? Unlikely, but we’ll leave this for a moment to explore what’s probable.

It’s more likely that no matter the result of the election, there will be more credible accusations of tampering and interference than ever before.

Last week two different reports involving the social media app TikTok landed on screens around the country.

Ahead of a Trump rally in Oklahoma last week, TikTok users reserved tickets to the event with no intention of attending. These registration figures, coupled with reported belligerent counter-protestors artificially deflated event attendance.

Days later, a computer programmer, after reverse-engineering the app warned that it was laden with data collecting (read spying) functions.

TikTok is a Chinese company. As such, it stands to reason that the government of China has a stake in, is benefiting from, and can directly influence the application’s use and purposes.

Is it likely that the app’s algorithm was used last week and will be used in the future to interfere in the 2020 election? Yes.

This abuse of technology has not resulted in an outcry from the left over election interference, why? Because it appears to have benefited their cause and it falls outside of the Russian boogeyman narrative.

Following the 2016 election, the notion that Facebook was fiendishly weaponized by the Trump campaign to win was a popular if not completely unfounded conspiracy theory of the left as they grasped to explain their defeat.

This fake news was formed into a crude shiv to cow the company into de-platforming conservatives. 

Now, months away from the election, the social media behemoth along with Twitter is selectively sidelining conservative voices. This too-little-too-late maneuver should backfire but it will serve the purpose of exposing hypocrisy.

Recommendation: Push back against the narratives

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