Left Protecting, Promoting Illegal Voting in Texas

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During the Texas legislative session and more recently, the petulance of the left has brought into sharp contrast an electoral edge that needs to end, non-citizens voting. Currently, Texas is not actively removing non-citizens from voter rolls, and these non-citizens are voting.

A key figure pushing to undermine accurate elections in Texas and nationally is Stacey Abrams.

Last month, Abrams was in Texas, speaking at a fundraiser for the liberal political committee, Annie’s List. During the stop, Abrams accused Republicans of “erasing Democracy.” Actually, it’s Abrams and other progressive radicals eroding Democracy.

Like others on the left, Abrams has publicly stated she would not oppose non-citizens voting in elections. Wait, who’s erasing Democracy? Municipalities in California and elsewhere are working to allow non-citizens to vote. This is a classic thin end of the wedge tactic.

Democrats in Texas and nationally have been vigorous in pursuing electoral advantages in 2019. Early in the year we covered the differences in posture, calling for more vigilance.

The session saw a push from some in the GOP to counteract eroding public trust in elections but no substantive policy was passed in Texas.

Meanwhile, the rhetoric from the left over this period of time escalated, with failed senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke stating he would put Abrams in charge of voting rights.

A campaign spokesman said in part that O’Rourke, “looks forward to continuing to follow her [Abrams] incredible lead on the many efforts” including, “fighting to increase access to the ballot box.” Given Abrams stance on allowing non-citizens to vote one must wonder about O’Rourke’s position on the matter.

In reference to Abrams and her efforts, O’Rourke voiced support for automatic voter registration, a practice that has been implemented in California to astonishing poor effect. Thousands of ineligible voters found their way onto the rolls after the initial rollout of the program, a problem that will likely continue.

The drive to implement automatic registration and other seemingly inane reforms are not unlike other actions taken or deferred by the left.

Abrams, who lost her bid to become Governor of Georgia on November 6, 2018, has stated repeatedly that she did not lose. Following the loss, Abrams refused to concede and has self-identified as a sore loser stating, “I’m not a good sport.” The thing about bad sports including Abrams, they will cheat to win.

Cheating is what’s being accomplished by the inclusion of non-citizens on the voting rolls and other objectives Abrams and her comrades propose and protect.

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