Breaking News – Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Calls for Gov. Abbott to Take Action

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May 24, 2017
Contact: Aaron Harris
RE: Election Reforms – Call a Special Session Now.

DAT Calls Out House for Killing All Serious Election Fraud Prevention Legislation

Requests Abbott seriously consider a special session to address blatant fraud in our system

 (North Richland Hills, TX) Direct Action Texas sent a letter, signed by over 100 grassroots leaders across Texas, calling upon Governor Abbott to use his constitutional authority to force the House to address his priority which they have killed.

President of Direct Action Texas commented on the letter stating, “The grassroots were grateful for Governor Abbott speaking out on this issue, but now that the legislature has ignored his concerns it falls upon him to decide if reform occurs or not. I am grateful to stand with all of these leaders across Texas in asking the Governor to take action immediately.”

The letter signed by grassroots leaders representing thousands of grassroots Texans is below. We also encourage citizens to join who on the letter by signing the petition available at

More information on Direct Action Texas can be found at


Download of PDF Version of the Letter (Click Here)

SIGN THE PETITION – Let Gov. Abbott hear your voice.

Join the effort by signing  the letter in Support of Election Integrity and Ballot Security

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    We will find out if our Governor will be able to get this past ultra liberal Joe Strauss, Speaker of the House. Straus has loaded the dice with liberal committee chairmen, vice chairmen and the calendar. Straus is the problem. He stalls, makes excuses, and waters down or eliminates conservative legislation. Democrats love him. He is their guy!

  • MSG Grumpy

    Straus may be Ultra Liberal Rino slime, BUT he is not the problem. The problem is gutless weak republicans who have allowed him to be speaker. They should cower in shame, not cower in fear like they have done for the last eight years!

  • Chasyes1

    I have met Dr Laura Pressley (look up how she was RIPPED OFF by TX NOT following its OWN LAWS and Constitution!!!) her case is not only important for Texas, but the ENTIRE country, because it has EXPOSED that this problem is happening in MANY States! Look up Dr Pressley’s election troubles TX can NOT even conduct a recount! They ARE NOT following their OWN LAWS!!! It is far more serious than illegals or dead people voting FAR MORE SERIOUS!!! See for YOURSELF!!!

  • Radman414

    If we are not able to trust the integrity of our elections, what use are they? If we cannot be confident that only eligible persons may vote in a given election, and that said votes are accurately tabulated, it diminishes our trust and the desire TO vote. The bottom line must be a solemn commitment by all election-conducting entities and election officials to the following basic concept: “One identifiable and identified individual who is also otherwise eligible to cast a ballot in the election being conducted equals ONE legitimate voter.” – Me. And, deliberate
    voter fraud must be substantially punished to discourage violators. .

  • RRobert D. Rogers

    Honorable Governor Abbott:
    Election fraud has been an issue of concern in Texas going back to LBJ. Met Dr. Laura Pressley at the last Republican State Convention, and as an engineer, I was most impressed with her knowledge, especially of actual and potential electronic voter fraud. I was shouted down by both parties a decade ago when I was petitioning in a county wide meeting in Lubbock County to not consider purchasing electronic voter machines without verifiable paper trails that could be verified by the respective voter as well as any recount petition, because the technology was not new. As a co-founder of “The Constitutionalist Society” in Lubbock County 9 years ago as a desperately needed effort to educate people about the principals of the U S Constitution, nothing matters if voter fraud is not addressed well before the next election, given the massive spending to turn Texas blue using any means possible. Nothing else matters if there is not integrity of our election in registration, identity, and proper tallying. Thank you for your consideration to call a special session to address an issue that every Texas who is aware of the issue should support.
    Respectfully yours,
    Robert D. (Bob) Rogers

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