Mail-in Balloting Lawsuits: a lay of the land

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No Texan should run the increased risk of having their ballot harvested, lost, or tossed by to voting via mail when able to vote in-person.

Contrary to the constant public bedwetting by the left via social and mainstream media, Texans should not be worried about voting in-person either during the runoff election this summer or the November general election.

Nobody is being cavalier with lives; there’s just no example of an election leading to an uptick in coronavirus infections. There are however multiple examples of in-person elections being safely run.

Unfortunately, to try and gain an electoral advantage where one doesn’t exist, Democrats in Texas have sued the state on several different grounds.

Below is an overview of cases that have been filed and where each one currently stands on a timeline.

Note: More lawsuits are anticipated, and will be added to the timeline when filed.

March 20: Democrats sue (state court case) in the liberal bastion of Austin seeking universal mail-in balloting due to the coronavirus.

April 7: Democrats sue (federal court case 1) citing the debunked Imperial College modeling to get universal mail-in balloting.

April 15: Austin judge expanded mail-in balloting access, circumventing the legislative process.

April 29: Six voters sue (federal court case 2) to overturn current and longstanding Texas law limiting mail-in balloting is age discrimination.

May 13: Attorney General Ken Paxton petitions the Supreme Court to review the legality of expanding balloting by mail.

May 14: Democrat-dominated appeals court upholds lower court ruling by liberal Austin judge.

May 15: Supreme Court temporarily blocks appeals court ruling.

May 19: Judge Fred Biery, in a universally (read bipartisan), panned opinion, expands mail-in balloting.

May 20: 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issues a stay (hold) on the Biery (federal court case 1) ruling. 

May 27: Supreme Court rules that expanding mail-in voting is not permitted due to the coronavirus.

June 4:  5th Circuit Court of Appeals overrules Biery (federal court case 1).

Current status: Texas law remains intact, mail-in voting is limited to individuals falling into one of five categories.

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