Mason Is No Martyr

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It’s that time again, time for another legal appeal from Crystal Mason, a woman from Dallas convicted of voter fraud after casting an illegal ballot in 2016.

Invariably, every development in Mason’s contrived legal saga is accompanied by a round of media hand wringing. The chief aim of the left’s narrative gambit is to remove all possible barriers to submitting an illegal ballot.

As a brief recap, in 2016, while on parole following a tax fraud conviction, Mason cast a provisional vote for Hillary Clinton. She was barred by law from casting that ballot.

Mason isn’t a voting rights advocate. The continued fight against her rightful conviction is an affront to election integrity and appears to be aimed at undermining enforcement of the law.

Democrat lawmakers have filed legislation to allow convicted felons on parole or otherwise to vote ahead of the 2021 legislative session. Such measures are unlikely to pass but Mason’s never-ending story of a case gives a news hook to talk about these measures doomed for the legislative trash heap.

With this and other policies, Democrats appear bent on a push toward election free for alls that can be flooded with illicit behavior to manufacture wins.

Provisional ballots are not intended to be voted by individuals convicted of crimes on parole at the time of an election, it’s why there’s an affidavit that must be signed, which Mason did, before voting.

Claims made after the fact, that Mason was unclear on the law assume that she has low reading comprehension capabilities. Maybe or it’s possible, like in other instances of fraud, that Mason figured she could vote and wouldn’t be caught.

We’ve just seen the havoc that the revocation of rules can have on an election and we’re perilously close to a meaningful dissolution of these United States as a result.

Reporting on Mason like this puff piece by Karen Brooks Harper ignores that Mason was offered a plea bargain to avoid prison in her voter fraud case. She turned it down.

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