Media gets it wrong, again

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It seems every chance they get, the liberal media in Texas offers reminders they are committed to misleading viewers and readers about election administration including voter roll upkeep.

The latest item to precipitate a misinformation retread, Governor Greg Abbott announced Friday that former Secretary of State David Whitley is headed on to projects outside of the Governor’s office.

A quick read of reporting on this latest installment of the media’s obsessive tracking of Whitley shows inaccuracies that need to be amended.

Contrary to reporting by outlets including KXAN, Whitley did not start the list maintenance effort in March 2018. Whitely was not elevated to Secretary of State until December 2018. Prior to being appointed, Whitely served in the Governor’s appointment office.

While it wasn’t Whitely, the list maintenance effort did begin in March of 2018 when the Secretary of State, Department of Public Safety, and Office of the Attorney General were asked to look into non-citizens on the voter rolls following an interim hearing on election security.

After several months, Grassroots America and Direct Action Texas called on the Governor to get involved in this process after it appeared to have stalled. He responded to this request, according to internal emails.

Those same emails show that the Governor’s office was throughout the duration of the project striving to ensure recently naturalized citizens were not included in the data used to clean up Texas voter rolls. This was not reported by the media.

Austin based ABC affiliate KVUE misreported that the effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls as pursued by the secretary of state’s office in 2019 was “over false counts” of fraud. This is inaccurate.

As we’ve consistently and accurately reported since February, non-citizens are verified to have been registered and voting in Texas elections. Illegal voters were discovered and requested their own removal from voter rolls following the list maintenance activity.

Contra to headlines, Whitley did not resign from his post following the failure of the non-citizen list maintenance effort, he resigned after Democrats in the Senate did not play ball with Abbott after the Governor allowed the secretary of state’s office to enter into a sweetheart legal deal.

After the Whitley impasse, Abbott vetoed legislation by Democrat Senators who were viewed as most likely to vote along with Republicans for Whitley’s confirmation.

Spotting misinformation in the media used to be more difficult. It used to be more subtly executed by seasoned propagandists. Now, as is the case at the national level, Texans are being bombarded with falsehoods.

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