Media Mischaracterizes Whitley’s Confirmation

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When the appointed chief elections officer of the state of Texas won’t play political games with grandstanding senators, it’s safe to say he’s a keeper.

It’s also safe to say, the yellow journalists on 9th have reached shameful levels of lobbying against David Whitley, lobbying that continued after yesterday’s hearing.

Whitley, appointed by Governor Greg Abbott in December to Secretary of State has been working with counties to verify the citizenship status of registered voters. This is a required activity for the Secretary of State to perform.

At a hearing yesterday before the Nominations Committee, Whitley avoided missteps and provided more context for what’s been happening over the last month and year as it regards safeguarding Texas elections.

Just how well did it go?

Senator Royce West (D-Dallas), who is not even a member of the committee, had to drop in and lob a bomb. Justifiably, Whitley did not engage West. It was a publicity stunt and the loincloth the media is draped in today as they walk down a frigid Congress Ave.

This is the same type of fight Democrats and their media lackeys have been running from the start. Lacking substantive qualms a molehill must be made into a mountain. Initial push back to January’s list maintenance rested on a single capitalized word coupled with real or feigned ignorance about what was taking place.

To this day it’s unclear if “reporters” in Austin understand the individuals on this initial list are or were all legal non-citizens issued IDs and registered to vote, information that demands verification. Yesterday, Whitley pointed out that there is a much larger list of individuals out there that could be voting in Texas elections illegally.

On second thought, it’s likely the press know and are intentionally obfuscating to whip up angst over what is routine list maintenance to protect against needed further list maintenance activity.

Issuing a fair assessment of the hearing is beyond the Austin gaggle. They have blood in their eyes and are driving for a kill. Yesterday’s hearing offered nothing substantive for them to close the door on Whitley’s confirmation. Whitley performed well, Watson got little for his efforts, and West did a drive-by.

Yesterday, and for the last month, Democrats have been in attack mode. Republicans whose agenda includes singing kumbaya need to wake up and get in the fight. There’s one coming in 2020 and the activities of today are going to directly impact the election.

It’s been pointed out before that this is how non-profit media outlets work, they build up credibility with filler for months on end, then when they are needed, they spend down accrued capital with biased politically slanted hit pieces.

This is where we are now. Spend it down Evan.

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