Media Misinterprets Wisconsin Result

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Republicans are as interested in suppressing votes, as the media is in suppressing their liberal bias, that is to say, not at all.

The latest fake “suppressed voters” narrative involves the recent Wisconsin primary, wherein Wisconsin Republicans fought and defeated a bum rush on the rule of law.

And, while Democrats won the battle of a single Supreme Court seat, the war over balloting integrity was preserved by Republican lawmakers standing their ground.

Nationwide, Democrats have been desperately angling to scale California’s ballot harvesting to all states. They’ve failed to do so through Congress. Now, they’re trying to do it through the courts and as they’ve been taught, leveraging crisis.

Saddled with a dog-face-pony-shell of a candidate this is hail-mary territory. Recent polling shows enthusiasm for the former Senator is predictably low.

It was against this backdrop and in this context that Wisconsin’s Democrat governor worked to move an election and expand mail-in balloting, by fiat.

In the end, this maneuvering failed, the election was held and predictably the Democrats picked up a seat on the Supreme Court. They won the battle, lost the war. It’s more likely that fighting abuse of power and a long view on good policy drove Republican action in Wisconsin, not suppression.

Said another way, boasting about a ‘win’ is classic not being able to see the forest for the trees.

This was a heavily contested primary election for Democrats, not Republicans. So as is the case in other states this cycle for Republicans turnout was lower, COVID19 notwithstanding.

What’s odd about the primary in Wisconsin is votes cast decided a partisan race. If anything needs changing, it’s this odd partisan race during a primary cycle. Turnout advantages for one party over another in presidential election years when one party has a primary contest and the other doesn’t is well established.

Still, Wisconsin Republicans didn’t blink and avoided setting a long term negative precedent for expanded balloting by mail and having Governors unilaterally moving elections.

What about the voters, did they really put themselves in harm’s way to vote? The Democrats are howling this is the case but we get to see. The vote was held on March 7 and the incubation period for COVID19 is 5 days.

Where are we now?

Cases of COVID19 reported in Wisconsin remain FLAT.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome (don’t put NY type shenanigans past Dems in WI), balloting by mail is a process that is abused by harvesters and when it comes to the 2020 election is not a solution that can be put in place and executed in Texas or many other states without undermining election administration.

Wisconsin was not able to handle the surge in mail-in ballot registrations, the postal service didn’t handle ballots properly and tubs of ballots were misplaced and likely should be tossed due to chain of custody issues.

Finally, arguments that in Wisconsin voters weren’t ‘heard’ because they were scared to vote ring untrue. This election had a higher turnout rate at 34% than the 2016 primary in which both parties had a contested ticket.

No, this is another case of the media pushing a narrative in service of a political agenda.

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