Media Shamed, Again

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Yesterday, the national media got its comeuppance after two-plus years peddling a false narrative meant to undermine President Donald Trump. Really, these two years were a continuation on the preceding year spent working to derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

Fail times two folks.

In Texas, we have similar issues with mainstream and weaponized non-profit outlets combating conservative governance by creating and driving misleading narratives while simultaneously ignoring or spinning substantive stories that cut against their aims.

When it comes to protecting Texas elections by maintaining voter rolls, media outlets in Texas have worked with left-wing organizations slowing efforts to remove non-citizens from voter rolls and protect from non-citizens being added in the future. This battle is meant to impede further needed scrutinizing of our voter list.

In mid-January, Secretary of State David Whitley distributed to counties an actionable list of potential non-citizens registered to vote in Texas elections. It was prescribed procedure that the list be scrutinized by the counties and then letters be issued to verify citizenship. Media push back on this was predictable as were the talking points used.

The list maintenance process has worked despite these efforts. Non-citizens incorrectly registered to vote have come forward and asked to be removed and non-citizens being issued new IDs since January have been identified as incorrectly registered. An arguably unconstitutional edict issued by a Democrat Judge from San Antonio has temporarily stopped non-citizens from being identified and removed but that decision is likely to be challenged.

Meanwhile, a story from WFAA on hundreds, potentially thousands of felons illegally voting in the November election went unnoticed statewide. Again, stories that cut against the proper narrative are going to be ignored by the media at large in Texas.

Or, outside of local coverage, Direct Action Texas filing ballot harvesting complaints in Webb County Texas. Or, the arrest of a Starr County woman for illegally voting using a dead person’s identification.

No, in the absence of actual wrongdoing by state agencies and personnel, expect alarmist reports about bureaucratic mishaps and a steady stream of human interest stories from the largest statehouse news bureau in the United States and other outlets in a coordinated effort to combat needed reforms to secure Texas elections from fraud.

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