MISD Bond Continues to Crawl Toward Death

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On Friday, a Midland County judge ordered ballots found in a misplaced box be manually counted on January 17. Previously, an inventory of the found ballots was conducted to ascertain the number of ballots only.

The manual recount, of yeas and nyes on Friday, will not alter the election result but may bring a modicum of clarity to an election contest that has been marred by confusion and novel election administration issues.

Regardless the outcome, what will be most interesting to witness is the posture MISD officials and allies take after the ballots are counted. Currently, more than 800 Midlanders have been disenfranchised and the election inaccurately certified. This won’t be rectified by Friday’s count.

To recap the follies of this election, on election night in November, election results were misreported. Initially, the bond was said to of passed when in fact, mail-in ballots were not added to final tabulations.

After the initial result was flipped showing the bond as failing, bond proponents petitioned for a recount. When the recount was conducted and finished there were over 800 votes missing from the final count compared to election night. 

Instead of waiting to find the error, MISD officials rushed needlessly and in poor taste to certify an election that was in question.

Following Friday’s count, the results will be reported back to the judge. The anticipated outcome should be verification of the initial election result, the bond failing by multiple votes.

If the current outcome (bond passage) is bizarrely bolstered, insurmountable questions about the veracity of the election will remain. Because, while the ballots found in the missing ballot box are said to be the roughly 800 ballots missing from a recount there are glaring issues with the over 800 ballots. No chain of custody exists, a phantom serial number is affixed to the box and it was missing seal.

No matter the outcome of a recount, these issues can’t be overcome

Representatives, from both sides of the bond debate, have questioned the chain of custody of the ballots. However, after initially undermining the certainty of the votes in the ballot box, an MISD aligned PAC sued to have them counted.

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