Non-citizens votes = real meddling

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Headed into 2020, as has been the case since 2016, Americans are going to be confronted with the term meddling. Most likely, claims of meddling will be followed by a boogeyman, maybe a Russian or an anonymous political consultant.

In any case, these receptacles for liberal ire are false targets. Real meddling that could affect the outcome of the 2020 election will come from vote harvesters and illegally registered voters canceling the votes of citizens.

Recently, Jimmy Carter challenged the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s 2016 election, claiming he would not be in the White House without Russian interference. This, of course, is the same narrative that the left has been trying to make a stick for three years running.

The false narrative, in order to survive, begs observers to believe that a handful of Russians behind computer screens with a meager budget swung an election in which hundreds of millions were spent and in which thousands of Americans took an active role. Only kool-aide drinking leftists are lining up, checking their brains at the door and selling out for this false reality.

As they do the lemming march behind any Russia narrative they are fed, they reject, to their own intellectual shame, the notion that non-citizens are voting in elections, skewing the results.

In January, the Texas secretary of state’s office embarked on an attempt to identify and remove non-citizen voters from Texas voter rolls. The effort posed a threat to an illegal Democrat voting bloc so they fought to keep it.

The fact that non-citizens are registered and voting isn’t debatable. During a trial fought over the aforementioned list maintenance activity, an attorney from the secretary of state’s office testified that as a result of the publicized effort, non-citizens had self-identified as being incorrectly registered as well as voting, and had asked to be removed from the rolls.

Pushback from leftist organizations against the effort to remove non-citizens hinged on oft-deployed claims of racism. The leadership of one group called Governor Greg Abbott a racist pig. Oddly, the emails cited to label Abbott a racist prove the opposite.

In emails sent in August 2018, Abbott’s office, discussing the planned list maintenance effort being prepared by the secretary of state’s office and the Department of Public Safety made mention that efforts were being taken to remove as many recently naturalized citizens as possible from the list. This was not reported by the media, who rushed to report the false narrative of suppression.

According to a recent Pew Research study, half of Americans don’t believe fact-checking in the media. Looking at participants, seven-in-ten Republicans say fact-checkers tend to favor one side and three-in-ten Democrats hold the same view. Americans are beginning to see the media as a tool of the left, not an impartial arbiter of fact.

And this is the problem with reporting on non-citizens voting in elections, it doesn’t exist. Further, when participation from legal or illegal non-citizens is pointed out, the individual making the claim is attacked even if that individual is academic.

The left is relentless in it’s messaging (i.e. meddling). The right needs to be equally relentless about curbing and ending the participation of non-citizens in elections.

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