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Chaotic by Liberal Design; The Georgia-Texas Connection

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When it comes to election administration, Liberals are acting in bad faith.

This well-worn truth has been exacerbated by the coronavirus but would have been on full display in 2020 even without a novel virus from China.

Here’s the pattern we can discern.

Liberals call for massive fundamental changes, these demands, if they are won, throw the system into chaos. Then, this chaos is decried by liberals who demand further changes.

At the same time radical changes are being requested, reforms meant to safeguard and streamline elections in a measured way are killed.

While this is the approach by the left to running elections it’s also an image of what liberals want to do with the U.S. government. Disrupt, distort, destroy, and replace.

This week’s 2020 primary election in Georgia is an example of this and the pattern of behavior we’ve seen in Texas.

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Mail-in Balloting Lawsuits: a lay of the land

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No Texan should run the increased risk of having their ballot harvested, lost, or tossed by to voting via mail when able to vote in-person.

Contrary to the constant public bedwetting by the left via social and mainstream media, Texans should not be worried about voting in-person either during the runoff election this summer or the November general election.

Nobody is being cavalier with lives; there’s just no example of an election leading to an uptick in coronavirus infections. There are however multiple examples of in-person elections being safely run.

Unfortunately, to try and gain an electoral advantage where one doesn’t exist, Democrats in Texas have sued the state on several different grounds.

Below is an overview of cases that have been filed and where each one currently stands on a timeline.

Note: More lawsuits are anticipated, and will be added to the timeline when filed.

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U.S. Fifth Circuit Rules in Favor of Election Integrity

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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit unanimously ruled to block the lower court’s order to allow anyone in Texas to vote by mail. It ruled against citizens illegally voting by mail under the provision for disabled voters. The Court dismissed the idea that fear of contracting COVID-19 is a valid disability. The argument for the need for mail-in balloting loses more and more strength as Texas reopens without giant spikes in COVID-19 cases.

“I applaud the Fifth Circuit for staying the federal court’s erroneous decision and preventing widespread mail-in balloting while the case proceeds. Allowing  universal  mail-in ballots, which are particularly vulnerable to fraud, would only lead to greater election fraud and disenfranchise lawful voters,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. “The unanimous Fifth Circuit ruling puts a stop to this blatant violation of Texas law.”   

Yesterday, the Tarrant County Republican Party filed a motion for leave and an amicus brief with the Fifth Circuit Court.

“I am pleased to announce that the Tarrant County Republican Party has filed briefing in federal court opposing the Democrat Party’s attempt to hijack our elections by expanding the vote by mail program in Texas. While we support voting by mail for those who truly need it, there are those who have used the system to commit voter fraud,” said Tarrant GOP Chairman Rick Barnes.

In a press release the Tarrant GOP stated that their concerns with mail-in voting stem from cases of voter fraud uncovered in Tarrant County “reminiscent of organized crime.”

“The Tarrant GOP stands to protect free and fair elections for all voters, and we will not tolerate the abuse of a well-intended system to steal elections,” Barnes concluded.

Direct Action Texas has done extensive work exposing mail-in ballot fraud as well as other types of election fraud in Tarrant County and all over Texas. We have numerous articles in our archives that represent the tip of the iceberg that is election fraud in Texas. 

To learn more about the “Fort Worth Way” click HERE.

To learn more about election fraud arrests in Tarrant County click HERE.

Electoral Chaos, Brought to You by the Media

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Blame for the chaos gripping America can’t be laid at the doorstep of a singular actor, but the media plays an outsized role in creating and maintaining disorder.

The same distortions deployed by the media to incite social unrest (see: ANTIFA riots) are being deployed on the administration of the 2020 election generally, and by pushing mail-in balloting specifically.

This is the second election cycle in a row the media has overtly worked to manipulate outcomes with false narratives. Famously, the 2016 election was awash in claims of foreign interference that have now largely been disproven.

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SCOTX Bounces Bum Legal Arguments

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An unmerited expansion of mail-in balloting by judicial order was dealt a blow yesterday.

The Texas Supreme Court issued an opinion (four actually) contradicting a lower court ruling expanding mail-in balloting beyond the five classes of voters to which it has long been confined.

Importantly, the court nixed two arguments deployed by liberals during the pandemic to notch policy victories they’ve been unable to accomplish via legislation.

First, and this was one abandoned by the left before the ruling, is that fear qualifies as a disability that allows a voter to receive a mail-in ballot. Heads up, fake prescriptions should be torn up and tossed.

Second, and more important moving forward, a lack of immunity is not a disability.

Hot takes from “experts” grasping for a silver lining (1 | 2 | 3) landed on county election administrators having broad authority to accept applications and not investigate the veracity of disability claims.

While it’s nice greater attention is being paid to the broken mechanics of Texas election administration, it’s exposing ignorance.

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