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Democrat Request Should be Rejected

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On Monday, Texas Democrats officially petitioned the Texas Secretary of State for universal mail-in balloting for spring elections.

The Democrat political maneuver, is thinly veiled in the interest of public health, was anticipated and should be rejected.

Local elections, low turnout affairs in their own right, and primary run-offs take place in early and late May respectively.

While it’s possible May elections will need to be rescheduled to allow more time for COVID19 to run its course, there is no good reason to require 100% balloting by mail or expanding voting by mail and ample reason against such a move.

As has been previously pointed out, balloting by mail is available to Texans over 65 and those with health conditions. These groups of individuals, considered high-risk to COVID19 are already protected from having to visit the voting booth.

There is no indication 100% ballot by mail would be a workable solution for election administrators and it would be prone to fraud. Mail-in votes are harvested every election cycle, depriving voters of their civil rights.

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Two Counties Disenfranchised in GOP Judicial Race

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The 7th Court of Appeals serves 46 counties and this year Chief Justice and Place 4 were on the GOP Primary ballot for all but two of them. Voters in Cochran County and Collingsworth County were denied the right to vote in these races because they were left off the ballot

Civil Rights Violated

The Chief Justice race was uncontested, but the race for Place 4 was decided by only 319 votes. Challenger Steven Denny received 46,002 votes to the incumbent Larry Doss’s 45,683 votes. Cochran County had a 26% turnout with 458 casting a ballot. Collingsworth County had a turnout of 38% with 723 voters. These are small counties, but either could have flipped the election. However, these voters were not given the opportunity to vote. The voices of 1181 citizens were silenced, and their civil rights were violated.

How Did This Happen?

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Election Integrity Roundup 3.8.2020

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country. Some of these stories may have already been shared via our social media accounts, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Dallas County Recount?

Dallas County is asking for a recount of the primary election after it was discovered that 44 precincts were not included in the initial count. The missing votes were on misplaced thumb drives.

This is just the lasted case of election administration issues out of Dallas County. Following the November election, the county was forced to purchase new e-poll-books after compatibility issues were discovered.

While it’s easy and right to criticize this track record, it’s far better for election administrators to highlight errors than being forced by outsiders to confront shortcomings.

Additionally, with the right equipment in place, recounts in Dallas County are now trustworthy thanks to paper ballot backups. The misplaced thumb drives will need to correspond to the paper trail.

As is the case with Harris County and it’s self-imposed shame, Dallas County, is run by Democrats.

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Houston has a problem

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Houston has a problem, and its name is Diane Trautman.

This week, national attention turned to Texas as long lines at the Texas Southern University campus caused voters to wait for several hours to vote.

Hillary Clinton called the lines a poll tax. If she’s right, this poll tax was in part self-imposed and in part the fault of Diane, the Democrat County Clerk in charge of administering the election.

Early voting across Texas lasts for ten days. Lines at polling places on those days are nonexistent. Yet, turnout over those ten days equals or is less than voting on election day in many counties.

Long lines at the 11th hour are due to procrastination, not disenfranchisement.

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