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Voter Fraud UPDATE

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Last night WFAA ran this great piece – it is a must watch for all Texas voters. WATCH HERE

I am frequently asked for updates on the various election fraud investigations which Direct Action Texas has triggered. The fact is, there is very little to update as the investigations are ongoing and we can’t add to what we’ve previously stated publicly.

Over the last 2 years I have investigated 5 counties, all leading to active criminal investigations. I have more experience in election and voter fraud than any other person or organization in Texas and nationally. I bring a unique perspective and experience level to any commission on election integrity.

Tarrant County, TX​​​​​​​​

  • Led an investigation starting in June of 2015, into what is now the largest voter fraud investigation the State of Texas has seen. Both Governor Abbott and Att. Gen. Paxton have tweeted about the scope of this investigation.
  • Uncovered an organized group that has stolen elections over multiple years.
  • Documented a stolen State House seat, stolen city council seats and others.
  • DNA evidence has been sought and obtained. (First case of DNA being used in election fraud case in Texas.)
  • Discovered just over 28,000 harvested mail-in ballots in 24-month period.
  • County elections administrator resigned in shame.
  • After we went public with the fraud, the May 6, 2017 election shows little to no vote harvesting – we put an end to it. Unable to harvest mail in ballots, those responsible lost their elections.
  • Texas Attorney General has an active ongoing criminal investigation.

Hill County, TX​​​​​​​​​

  • Investigated 2016 Republican Primary – found that 19.29% of all alleged ballots cast had no voters to account of the vote. 9,038 ballots cast, yet we can only account for approximately 7,171 voters.
  • TX AG impounded ballots and associated equipment in October 2016
  • Criminal investigation recount conducted November 9, 2016.
  • County elections administrator resigned in shame.
  • Investigation is still pending.

Nueces County, TX​​​​​​​​

  • Nueces County Clerk, Kara Sands, files a complaint resulting in three active criminal investigations. Her complaint alleged both in person and mail-in ballot election fraud in the 2016 Municipal Election.
  • Alerted to allegations that election fraud continued into the 2017 election cycle, despite the increased scrutiny.
  • Investigated potential fraud in the November 2017 General Election and filed complaints on 30 counts of alleged mail-in ballot fraud.
  • Three Robstown residents indicted on 9 counts of election fraud committed during the 2016 Election Cycle.

Harrison County, TX​​​​​​​​
Jan. 2017-Current

  • Documented harvested ballots in a small town – Marshall, Texas – after receiving a tip from government employee.
  • Local elections administrator had filed complaints with Texas Secretary of State, to no avail. We documented the harvesting and filed a complaint.
  • After we went public with the fraud, the May 6, 2017 local elections show no/little signs on ongoing harvesting and subject of investigation lost their elections.
  • Texas Attorney General has an active ongoing criminal investigation.

Dallas County, TX​​​​​​​​

  • Began investigating Dallas County in March 2016.
  • Documented hundreds of harvested ballots within a matter of a few days.
  • County District Attorney has launched an official investigation and task force after meeting with myself and numerous media reports of voters coming forward who have had their ballots harvested.
  • Dallas County is in initial phases of investigation but has the potential to be much larger than Tarrant County.
  • The Dallas Morning News and local TV stations have covered this fraud extensively over the last month.


What’s Happening to Dallas Mayor Rawlings’ Dream Team?

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Local Dallas politics have never been short on controversy, whether over statues, sanctuary city status or voter fraud.  The recent avalanche of media stories over the DCS bus scandal became even more interesting over the past weeks as evidence of payments, loans and outsized political donations to public officials and candidates have been reported.

NBCDFW and The Dallas Morning News have broken stories over Dallas beleaguered Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway’s receipt of at least $70,000 in retainers and an ‘uncalled’ loan.  On the heels of this story came a report that a number of City Council candidates and current members received campaign contributions from individuals or groups currently under investigation by the FBI.

Even more disturbing is the nexus between many of the largest recipients of the embattled bus entity.  Mayor Mike Rawlings’ ‘dream team’ of Caraway (who he actively supported in his last campaign and his bid to become Mayor Pro Tem), Robert “Bobby” Abtahi ($12,000 campaign contribution) a failed city council candidate backed by Rawlings against his nemesis Philip Kingston,  and the controversial Tiffinni Young, who served one term on the council before being defeated in a race where she received both $10,000 associates of the Louisiana school bus camera company and thousands from a PAC formed by one of the Mayor’s chief advisors, Mari Woodlief (For Our Community PAC).

If that’s not enough, a reporter in Dallas has said that coverage of Abtahi’s involvement was suppressed by Dallas Morning News editors.  Popular left-leaning Dallas Observer columnist described the controversy on Facebook:

Feb 1, 2018 SO BAD IT’S FUNNY. The Dallas Morning News has been sitting on a story for almost two weeks now about the hoods from New Orleans and their bag-man, former Dallas City Council Member Larry Duncan, giving fat campaign contributions to council members.

They were working it pretty hard when they thought the recipients were all progressives, but, OOPS, turned out the fattest beneficiary by far was Park Board chairman Bobby Abtahi, who collected twice what anybody else got from the hoods. Abtahi is the establishment’s main hey-boy, the suck-up who was supposed to win District 14 for the old guard, fat chance, and who now carries water for the State Fair on the park board.

The rest of them got three, four, five grand each and thought it was from Duncan. Abtahi got twelve grand. So he’s the winner, right, top of the fold, mug shot on One.

But the story kept not happening, weeks after the reporting. Everybody’s waiting, “Hey, where’s Page One Bobby with a towel around his neck?”

So finally today the News figured out how to square the circle.…/dallas-city-council-candidates…
The lede and the photos were only CURRENT council members, not CURRENT OFFICIALS. That puts Griggs and Kingston on One, and Abtahi is buried on the jump with no photo.

Listen, the way you do this story straight is in the order of the take. The News is bending over backward to take Abtahi out if it. The delay in publication means there was a newsroom battle. The by-lined reporters probably had to fight to keep it from getting spiked entirely.

As a term-limited lame duck, Rawlings lacks, for the first time in his tenure, a solid majority on any one particular issue.  This was made clear in August of last year when the Mayor’s ill-fated Trinity Toll Road project was scuttled.

We’ll continue to monitor Dallas City Hall, the Dallas County Schools scandal,  and especially how they intertwine.  Since Jim Schutze claims the Morning News refused to show photos of Rawlings’ Dream Team, we put together the accompanying graphic.  Abtahi’s photo is from an ABC News interview after being denied service on an American Airlines flight.

Texas Secretary of State Resigns

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Yesterday, Texas Secretary of State (SoS) Rolando Pablos announced he was resigning his post effective December 15, 2018.

The SoS departure comes ahead of a legislative session where substantive election integrity reforms are going to be considered. It’s essential that the incoming SoS be active in pursuing and implementing needed changes.

For instance, the SoS isn’t currently comparing registered voters to a DPS database to ensure non-citizens aren’t incorrectly registered and illegally voting. In the past year, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has prosecuted and secured convictions of non-citizens voting in Texas elections.

Additionally, to ensure confidence in our electoral process, how and when the SoS issues directives should be addressed. Directives from the SoS guide local officials in how they execute elections, meaning they need to be understandable and timely.

Direct Action Texas is reviewing current practices at the SoS and working with grassroots leaders across Texas to cast a comprehensive and compelling vision for election integrity.

Texans deserve and should be demanding a SoS proactively engaging ahead of elections and essential discussions during the upcoming legislative session.

In Texas, the SoS is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The legislative session begins January 8, 2018.

Tarrant County Voter Fraud Conviction Upheld

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The Texas 2ndCourt of Appeals has upheld Rosa Maria Ortega’s voter fraud conviction. Ortega, a non-citizen, resident alien was originally convicted and sentenced to eight years in jail by a Tarrant County jury for voting illegally.

Direct Action Texas staff were present during the original trial and witnessed Ortega’s testimony and attempted defense. Her attorney attempted to sway the jury with claims that “She voted Republican! Like some of you might have” and that one vote couldn’t make a difference in an election. His arguments were weak, at best, and failed to refute the evidence presented.

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Count Every Vote Once, Twice,… Until the Democrat Wins

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Echoing the national Democrat sentiment of “count every vote,” Democrat candidate for State Representative, District 108 Joanna Cattanach has called for a recount in her race against incumbent Rep. Morgan Meyer. Cattanach lost by just 420 votes, less than 1% of the total vote and far below the state law requirement of 10%. The recount began Tuesday, November 27th, and is expected to continue for three days.

Rep. Morgan Meyer and Rep. Angie Chen Button are the lone Republican State House survivors in Dallas County. The November 6th election flipped five House seats from red to blue. Incumbent Representatives Linda Koop, Rodney Anderson, and Matt Rinaldi all lost their races to Democrats. Challengers Jonathan Boos and Lisa Luby Ryan failed to retain House seats left open by fellow Republicans.

In an interview with DAT, Dallas County Republican Chairwoman, Missy Shorey, vowed to stand with Rep. Meyer, the properly elected “rightful representative of the people.” She said she has dedicated GOP funds to the recount to help with the cost of 3 attorneys to assist in the proceedings. Chairwoman Shorey has also recruited well-trained volunteer poll watchers to observe during the count.

Rep. Meyer needs all the help he can get. Dallas County has been plagued with accusations of Election Fraud. Direct Action Texas filed complaints with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) back in April of 2017. In May of that same year, WFAA and the Dallas Morning News reported on citizens speaking up about vote harvesters attempting to steal their votes. Since then Dallas has been the subject of investigations by Dallas District Attorney Faith Johnson and the OAG. Thus far, those investigations have led to one man pleading guilty to mail-in ballot fraud.

Since we filed our complaints in 2017, Dallas County Elections have become more and more opaque. Our latest request to view mail-in ballot applications and carrier envelopes was met with a cost estimate of over $67,000. We were also told our request would take over 9 months to complete. Closer examination of the numbers reveals outlandish estimates of hours for labor. It appears to be an attempt to hide the information from review.

Throughout, Toni Pippins-Poole, Dallas County Elections Administrator, has fought against transparency in her office. Her obfuscation has recently led to lawsuits from the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP). Republican Ballot Board members identified mail-in ballot carrier envelopes with suspected harvesters named as assistants to the voters. The DCRP went to court and attempted to sequester those ballots and have them reviewed by a judge. Before the judge could make her ruling, the Democrat Ballot Board judge sent those ballot envelopes to be opened and separated from the ballots inside. Even if those votes were later found to be fraudulent, those ballots could never be matched up to their envelopes and removed from the count. Was this another Democrat attempting to “count every vote,” legal or not?

Joanna Cattanach even sued Dallas County Elections because they refused to provide the list of all voters who cast provisional ballots. Could we have avoided this recount if Pippins-Poole had fulfilled the request? It seems both sides have lost faith in the elections department.

The recount has started with the paper ballots cast on Election Day and will then proceed on to the mail-in ballots and provisionals. Cattanach has paid the $7000 deposit for that portion of the recount. It will cost her more to proceed further into Early Voting. The $7000 is just the tip of the iceberg on this recount, though. With all of the attorney fees and sleepless nights for those involved, this will be a costly recount.

It is still unclear if there was any fraud, incompetence, or human errors in this election. One thing is clear, Dallas County needs to re-evaluate its elections department. A lack of transparency breeds suspicion. Dallas County, Texas looks more and more like Broward County, Florida every day.

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