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Democrats Don’t Play Ball

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David Whitley’s stalkers at 9th and Congress can’t help themselves.

Last week, Whitley who was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott in December to be Secretary of State resigned after having his character assassinated over the course of the session by leftist activists, lawmakers, and self-styled reporters. His maligning in the press continues.

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Texas Stiff Arming D.C. Democrats

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Protecting the vote of every eligible voter is a civil rights fight. This is why pursuing fraud and working to limit inaccuracies in election administration by maintaining accurate voter rolls is of vital importance. Any election where these elements are questioned is one that undermines the trust of the citizenry.

Earlier in the month, the attorney general’s office responded a second time to Washington Democrats seeking information from Texas on voter list maintenance and voter fraud investigations; stiff arm applied.

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HB 2909 Special Interest Spin Debunked

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Thus far, the session has been a disappointment for conservatives, a fact that appears unlikely to change in the waning days of the biennial blitzkrieg.

What’s true generally, and especially in the case of election integrity efforts, is conservatives are operating in good faith. Special interest groups (i.e. vendor advocates), laughably masquerading as independent activists are not.

The latest push from this lot is opposition to HB 2909 as amended by the Senate. Here we’ll examine some of the talking points being trotted out against concurring with HB 2909 and why a committee compromise (while we may support it) is unlikely to materialize.

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DAT Calls on Klick to Concur with HB 2909

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While the fight for more comprehensively secure elections is currently on hold, following the demise of Senate Bill 9 in the Texas House, there are other measures that Texans should be pushing for lawmakers to advance in the waning days of the 2019 session.

HB 2909, by Representatives Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth) and Mike Lang (R-Granbury) was passed by the Senate yesterday where it is being carried by a bipartisan cohort including Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) and Eddie Lucio (D-Brownsville).

After being amended, HB 2909 is heading back to the House.

Direct Action Texas is calling on Chairman Klick and members of the House to pass the bill as-is, concurring with amendments, so that the bill can be sent to the Governor and signed into law.

The bill, as written and amended, is an omnibus bill dealing with the nuts and bolts of election administration. Committee hearings in both chambers, like the bill’s authorship, resulted in a mix of support from election groups on both the right and left.

As written, HB 2909 will add a crucial component to Texas elections, a backup regime that can be used to verify election results.

This session has been an embarrassment for elected officials in the House who claim to be strong advocates and proponents of well administered and upright elections. Passage of HB 2909 would take steps towards improving elections in Texas.

Call on Chairman Klick to move the bill out of the House as amended by the Senate. Her phone number is (512) 463-0599.

SB9 Hearing Observations

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Yesterday, the Texas House Elections Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 9 (SB9), an election integrity and administration bill that clarifies and strengthens Texas Election Code.

The hearing was pure progressive theater lead off by Williamson County Election Administrator Chris Davis at 8:00 AM on Wednesday and ending at nearly 1:00 AM on Thursday morning. Minus time spent on the House floor, the hearing was still lengthy.

That time was spent mostly on false narratives meant to deter ensuring accurate elections.

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