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Media Misinterprets Wisconsin Result

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Republicans are as interested in suppressing votes, as the media is in suppressing their liberal bias, that is to say, not at all.

The latest fake “suppressed voters” narrative involves the recent Wisconsin primary, wherein Wisconsin Republicans fought and defeated a bum rush on the rule of law.

And, while Democrats won the battle of a single Supreme Court seat, the war over balloting integrity was preserved by Republican lawmakers standing their ground.

Nationwide, Democrats have been desperately angling to scale California’s ballot harvesting to all states. They’ve failed to do so through Congress. Now, they’re trying to do it through the courts and as they’ve been taught, leveraging crisis.

Saddled with a dog-face-pony-shell of a candidate this is hail-mary territory. Recent polling shows enthusiasm for the former Senator is predictably low.

It was against this backdrop and in this context that Wisconsin’s Democrat governor worked to move an election and expand mail-in balloting, by fiat.

In the end, this maneuvering failed, the election was held and predictably the Democrats picked up a seat on the Supreme Court. They won the battle, lost the war. It’s more likely that fighting abuse of power and a long view on good policy drove Republican action in Wisconsin, not suppression.

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Democrats Scam Suit Cites Debunked Study

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Texas Democrats suing Texas to gain an electoral advantage.

After suing in state court last month, the Texas Democrat Party today sued Governor Abbott in federal court to force universal balloting by mail in Texas.

Universal balloting by mail is not permitted by law in Texas but Democrats have been pushing a novel theory that it is and they’re suing to see if they can make the theory stick.

Gilbert Hinojosa, Chairman of the Texas Democrat Party, incorrectly suggested in a press release that Texans who think they might get sick can apply to vote by mail.


Before the suit was filed, progressive activists signaled they would ignore Texas law and advise healthy voters to apply for mail-in ballots as disabled, perjuring themselves in the process.

The Secretary of State’s office, when asked about Texans allowed to vote by mail, replied, “our office has no ability to change requirements that are set in the law.”

Democrats in California have legalized vote harvesting, Nancy Pelosi has tried to force that down on the states only to fail.

Now Texas Democrats are trying to use a crisis to facilitate the same power grab.

\There is no credible virus modeling that suggests spread will necessitate derailing the 2020 election. It’s likely why the Democrats lawsuit cites the flawed and debunked Imperial College study from the U.K. that inaccurately projected 2 million Americans would die from the Chinese flu. Whoops.

Not dissimilar to stimulus scams, Democrats hope to implement a vote harvesting scheme in Texas via judicial fiat.

Vote harvesting is a practice fraught with fraud that preys on the elderly, mentally challenged, poor and sanctity of elections through the sale of votes.

There’s no credible case here, it’s just another tasteless maneuver by Democrats.

Texans have clarity on voting by mail

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Don’t be confused by progressives trying to bum rush Texas elections or fake news irresponsibly published by the Houston Chronicle.

There have been no expansions to who can vote by mail. Texas law is clear, to vote by mail in Texas you need to:

be 65 years or older;

be disabled;

be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or

be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.

Suggesting that the Secretary of State (SoS) has introduced ambiguity to this list of qualified individuals is fake news promulgated by the Houston Chronicle.

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Constitutional Victory

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Justice Larry Doss was victorious in his election contest and will have a new election against his challenger Steven Denny. Denny won the race for the 7th Court of Appeals by 319 votes, however, it was later discovered that Cochran and Collingsworth Counties omitted this race from their ballots. The citizens of those counties were disenfranchised, and their votes and voices were taken from them.

That was the general ruling of Judge Stacy Trotter of the 358th District Court. He stated that the omissions kept “1,214 eligible voters from Cochran and Collingsworth counties from participating in this election and voting for and selecting the candidate of their choice.”

It is comforting to know that there are courts in Texas that still protect the constitutional rights of citizens. The citizens of all 46 counties in the 7th Court of Appeals District should see this race on their Republican Primary Runoff ballot in July.

The ruling now begs the question, why did Doss have to pay for a contest when this race so clearly should have been voided? Direct Action Texas has reached out to the Republican Party of Texas and the Republican Party County Chairmen of both Cochran and Collingsworth for comment on why these races were certified, but we have received no responses. 

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Pelosi’s latest power grab already afoot in Texas

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like Democrats in Texas, is using the Wuhan Virus to make an electoral power grab.

Congressional Democrats led by Pelosi are standing in the way of a stimulus package for political advantage, demanding among other things an expansion of voting by mail for the 2020 election.

Texas Democrats, if they had the opportunity would do the same thing. Absent that opportunity they’re asking a liberal judge to legislate from the bench.

In Pelosi’s home state, Democrats have legalized ballot harvesting. It should come as no surprise that Pelosi wants to take this act nationwide.

Donald Trump, like Governor Greg Abbott before him should cut off oxygen to Democrat shenanigans perpetrated in the name of public health.

Election integrity advocates have warned against capitulating on expanding balloting by mail on the basis that 1) it’s prone to fraud, 2) it’s potentially unnecessary and 3) it’s a logistical nightmare.

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