Partisan Judge Issues Partisan Ruling

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Last week, a Democrat judge in San Antonio ordered the state of Texas to register three voters based on an online driver’s license application.

The ruling was anticipated as the judge in question, Orlando Garcia, issued a similar ruling based on a nearly identical set of facts in 2016. That 2016 ruling was eventually overturned on appeal.

At a later date, Garcia is expected to issue a broader ruling for his Democrat allies seeking to upend election administration in Texas ahead of and after the 2020 election.

Garcia, a Clinton appointee, has a track record of siding with progressive liberals on issues like gay marriage and illegal immigration.

There is no indication a change in Texas’s voter registration regime is needed or mandated under the Motor Voter Act, rather the lawsuit appears to be a ploy by Democrats who want Texas to implement online voter registration.

Texas is seeing unprecedented numbers of voters registered, and allowing online voter registration would likely weaken an already compromised voter roll. Lawyers for the Democrats last week alleged that 735 Texans were disenfranchised in 2018.

While Democrats were arguing in front of Garcia that online voter registration should be required in Texas, it was reported that hundreds of non-citizens were registered to vote in Illinois thanks to automatic voter registration. The state of California last spring added hundreds of thousands of non-citizens to its voter rolls with a similar policy.

Swelling the rolls with automatic registration when filling out applications for driver licenses, will lead to non-citizens and barred individuals being added to the voter rolls.

According to testimony given last spring, non-citizens registered to vote (and voting) in Texas asked to be removed from voter rolls following an effort by the Secretary of State’s office to remove non-citizens from the registration ranks.

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