Pelosi’s latest power grab already afoot in Texas

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like Democrats in Texas, is using the Wuhan Virus to make an electoral power grab.

Congressional Democrats led by Pelosi are standing in the way of a stimulus package for political advantage, demanding among other things an expansion of voting by mail for the 2020 election.

Texas Democrats, if they had the opportunity would do the same thing. Absent that opportunity they’re asking a liberal judge to legislate from the bench.

In Pelosi’s home state, Democrats have legalized ballot harvesting. It should come as no surprise that Pelosi wants to take this act nationwide.

Donald Trump, like Governor Greg Abbott before him should cut off oxygen to Democrat shenanigans perpetrated in the name of public health.

Election integrity advocates have warned against capitulating on expanding balloting by mail on the basis that 1) it’s prone to fraud, 2) it’s potentially unnecessary and 3) it’s a logistical nightmare.

Unfortunately, this is the type of political maneuvering that has been expected and the proposal works against the suggestion that the Wuhan Virus is the most serious threat to the American public.

If Pelosi and Texas Democrats were serious about helping people survive and weather the virus they wouldn’t be holding the stimulus hostage or suing to expanded balloting harvesting.

Last week, Gov. Abbott delayed the May run-off election to July, a move that made sense given the disruption that has and will be caused by testing and treating the new flu.

Texas Democrats have jumped the shark on this virus. From here on out note and condemn this and other power grabs, there will be more.

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