Phony Republicans Need Not Apply

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Elections in Texas aren’t won in November, they are decided in March, and this March will see some fierce competition. Conservatives continue to escalate the war on liberals that run as Republicans in Texas simply to get elected, and conservatives continue to win big.

March may seem distant, but most 2018 Primary Election battle plans are already underway. Potential candidates are launching exploratory efforts, reaching out to donors and supporters to judge their strength.

The public outcry to Gov. Abbott for a special session was just the beginning. Republican voters were disgusted by the laundry list of popular reforms watered down, ignored, or killed by the “Republican” Leadership in the Texas House. The causalities included legislation related to property taxes, ethics reforms for lawmakers and the lobby, spending limits, and other Republican priorities.

The Republican Party itself recently elected a new leader, a man more conservative than those before him.  Chairman James Dickey is predicted to lead the party further to the right, following the trend of Texas voters. When Texans vote for Republicans, they expect conservatives who are sincere about getting results, not establishment-types shrouded in elephant clothing.

Anyone who chooses to run as a Republican in 2018 must be ready for serious scrutiny. For instance, Riley Shaw has announced he is running for 323rd District Court Judge, the Juvenile Court that covers all of Tarrant County.  He’s running on the Republican ticket, but a quick look at his voting history reveals he voted in the Democrat Primary in 2008.  Obama voters may have gotten a pass in the past, but not in 2018.  Tarrant county conservatives are more likely than ever to do their homework this time around.

Tarrant County will be a hostile environment for liberal-leaning Republicans in 2018.  It is the home of State Representatives Bill Zedler, Tony Tinderholt, Matt Krause, and Jonathan Stickland, nearly one-third of the Texas House Freedom Caucus.  Voters in Tarrant also elected State Senator, Konni Burton, selected by citizens as one of the top 10 legislators in 2017 in a public survey conducted by Empower Texans and Texas Right to Life.

Conservative grassroots organizations are alive and well in Tarrant County.  Groups like the NE Tarrant Tea Party, Project Fort Worth (formerly 9-12), and the Arlington Republican Club, will be vetting each candidate that files to run in Tarrant County.  Their bar is set very high. A candidate with Democrat voting history will be met with heavy skepticism and little tolerance.

To those like Riley Shaw that want to try and fool conservatives you’re better off sitting this one out. If you insist on trying your luck, we’d recommend moving to Dallas or Harris County where you’re more likely to find refuge.

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