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After a review of the Republican party platform, below are our recommendations on the subject of elections administration and security.

Plank 189

With the widespread adoption of hybrid voting systems mandated paper ballots backups and risk-limiting audits should be required.

We support and call for mandated paper ballot backups and risk-limiting audits.

Plank 189

In 2019, on multiple occasions, the secretary of state’s office advised local officials to certify questionable election results.

Section 213.057 of the Election Code states that the canvass should take place “as soon as practicable” but further states in the case of a recount that it be certified, “after completion of the recount.”

If, for instance, 820 votes are missing from a recount the recount was not complete and should not be certified. Local officials should not be forced to sign a certification on a count or recount they suspect to be invalid. The Secretary of State should step in to verify an accurate count in these cases.

We support certifying elections that have been run, counted and/or recounted without clear deficiencies.

Plank 196

Explicit language requiring participation in an interstate cross-check program should be added to the platform.

While members of both the House and Senate have passed legislation requiring and funding enrollment, the state has still not begun participation in available programs to look for and remove voters from Texas voter rolls who have moved to other states.

We support and call for immediate enrollment in an interstate cross-check program by the Secretary of State.

Plank 197

This plank needs to be removed from the platform.

In 2017 a law was passed to accomplish voting in nursing homes, the results were immediately regrettable, and the law was rescinded during a special session.

Remove Plank 197

Unless otherwise specified, Direct Action Texas supports or is neutral on other platform planks that are relevant to election administration.

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