Quick Read: Conservatives Agree with Rahm Emanuel?

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Rahm Emanuel has some good advice for Democrat presidential hopefuls ahead of their second debate of 2019. Spoiler alert, his plan in part is a retread of President Trump’s America First platform.

Read Emanuel’s advice with eyes wide open, it’s advice given by a shrewd operative more concerned with securing a win than adherence to ideology. The fact that his advice contradicts what he and his boss Barack Obama pursued during their time in power is a telling indicator of the prevailing political winds and his true motivations.

In an open letter to Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination, Emanuel had some advice that needs unpacking, Rahm writes:

Before our party promises health care coverage to undocumented immigrants — a position not even Ted Kennedy took — let’s help the more than 30 million Americans who are a single illness away from financial ruin. Before we start worrying about whether the Boston Marathon bomber can vote, let’s stop states that are actively trying to curtail voting rights of citizens.

While there are some salient (dare I say) correct statements here and in Emanuel’s letter, the man is working to scale a mountain. Many on the left have advanced beyond giving freebies to illegal aliens and are openly advocating for extending the vote to non-citizens.

In Texas, the left and its handmaiden media have worked to stop routine list maintenance aimed at removing non-citizens from voter rolls. This obstinance is viewed by many as protection and encouragement of illegal voting, undermining the voting rights of birthright and recently naturalized citizens.

Emanuel’s quip about voting rights stems from Bernie Sanders first debate angling for the Boston Bomber vote. Sanders suggested prisoners, even those convicted of murder and rape, should be voting.

Leaving the ‘discussion’ about whether individuals who can’t decipher right from wrong when it comes to murder, rape and other crimes should be voting, current Texas law disqualifies felons who are serving the terms of their punishment from voting.

Still, WFAA based out of DFW found in February that hundreds if not thousands of felons had voted in the 2018 election.

Rahm’s push back on an increasingly socialistic and aggressive leftward lunge is not uncommon, it’s self-preservation an instinct that Republicans lack or is out weighted by crippling fear or pride.

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