Security of County Sites Conflated with Systems

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The recently concluded 2019 might best be known for the spread of misleading information.

Fake news has been around for years but there’s a new and growing sense of desperation about the direction of the country from those on the left that has fundamentally changed the degree and tone of their efforts.

In December, the League of Women Voters released a “scorecard” that suggested 80 percent of county election websites in the state are not secure. Reporting on this “shocking” statistic did a poor job of identifying what is being measured by the LWV and what are not affected, namely the security of our elections.

County websites lacking SSL certificates does not affect the security of elections. No information about voters or votes is transmitted across county websites in Texas.

This fact is easy to lose track of given the Russian hacker backdrop the establishment has been tirelessly nurturing since 2016. While Russian or maybe Ukranian actors probed and tried to penetrate U.S. election systems ahead of 2016 they failed in all but one case.

To be fair, Texas county websites are lacking in many regards (good luck finding contact information needed to request public information) but alarming Texans about the security of elections when trust in execution is staggeringly low is unhelpful.

If the LWV scorecard is any indication, 2019 efforts to mislead and sow discord are likely to continue and escalate in 2020.

Systems actually important to secure elections are being tested and secured ahead of the 2020 election thanks to a special interest bill funding audits of county election apparatus.

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