Rep Swanson Pays Out of Her Own Pocket to Serve Constituents

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It’s primary season and Valoree Swanson’s (HD150) opponent has come out with a new ad with some creative accusations.

Not only are the accusations made against Swanson false, the facts show the opposite; the conservative lawmaker is actually taking money out of her own pocket to serve her constituents. Unlike many lawmakers who use their campaign accounts for personal benefit, and other non-campaign related costs, Swanson should lauded for her integrity and personal sacrifice, not scorned.

Swanson is a freshman from Spring Texas, and the only female member of the Texas Freedom Caucus in the House. The establishment and lobby are not happy with the Freedom Caucus and are coming after them as best they can.

To do so they scraped the bottom of the barrel and put up James Wilson to primary Swanson. (Similarly the lobby recruited Terry Sain against Briscoe Cain, only to have him drop out once he realized he was just their pawn.) Wilson and his posse have come out with an attack ad today claiming Swanson has enriched herself using campaign funds to reimburse herself for mileage and travel expenses which are in the tens of thousands of dollars. Outrageous!!!….or is it?

Direct Action Texas heard of these allegations months ago and a quick look into the situation shows that not only did Swanson NOT reimburse herself for these expenses, she paid for them personally. They were a cost to her and her family, NOT to her campaign donors.

Candidates and elected officials file reports with the Texas Ethics Commission showing their contributions and expenditures. Swanson used a Schedule G to show these mileage and travel expenses. A Schedule G is entitled “Political Expenditures From Personal Funds” – in other words – these are expenses Swanson incurred during her campaign, but paid for out of her personal funds. No reimbursement happened. Reimbursements are on a separate schedule. A quick review of Swanson’s last 4 reports (linked below) shows that she incurred $25,000 worth of mileage and other expenses for which she did NOT reimburse herself. Not only is Wilson wrong, but in serving House District 150 Swanson is losing money.

The fact that James Wilson would attempt to attack Swanson in this way is bizarre. James has a plethora of real issues voters should care about. Wilson’s home was foreclosed on just last April. Wilson is in bankruptcy…CURRENTLY. He has been fighting IRS liens for the last several years, simply put, the guy is a financial hot mess. Maybe instead of campaigning and spending other people’s money, Wilson should go shore up his personal bankruptcy.

Voters have a stark contrast in their options in the Republican primary in HD150 – a candidate who serves at a great personal cost to herself, or a candidate who can’t even pay his current bills and chooses to lie about his opponent. I’m confidant voters will once again overwhelmingly choose Valoree Swanson on March 6th.


Valoree’s Finance Reports:

January 2018 30-Day Report, January 2018 Semi Annual, July 17 Semi Annual, January 2017 Semi Annual. Expenses in question are on Schedule G.

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