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DAT Statement on Secretary of State Speech

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Direct Action Texas commends Secretary of State David Whitley’s remarks kicking off the legislative session.

This week the legislature convened and the opening ceremonies in the House were led by the newly appointed Secretary. In carrying out his duties, calling the legislature to order, Whitley took time to highlight his offices’ duty administering our electoral process.

Notably, election administration was prioritized, a departure from recent prior speeches by Whitley’s predecessors.

Little is known about the specific actions his office will pursue in 2019. What’s known is his appointment comes at a time when Texans are becoming increasingly aware of the office and its importance. In December, a coalition of Grassroots conservatives called on the governor and Whitley to work aggressively on a list of needed reforms.

Following the speech, Direct Action Texas’ Executive Director Daniel Greer said, “we look forward to learning more about Mr. Whitley’s agenda in the days and weeks ahead of his nomination hearing.”

During his speech, Whitely offered himself up as a resource for those at the vanguard of the fight for election accuracy, the 254 county officials charged with carrying out elections and members of the legislature.

Appointed by Governor Greg Abbott in December, Whitley will need to be confirmed by the Senate.

Committee Report Calls for Action

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Following the 2017 legislative session, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick formed the Select Committee on Election Security to examine shortcomings in our election system.

In early December the committee issued a report detailing an uptick in fraud investigations and prosecutions before calling for specific actions.

According to the report, in 2018 the Attorney General’s elections division resolved 97 cases of election fraud through prosecutions. This figure includes convictions, deferred adjudications, and diversion with a stipulation of guilt.

In addition, the AG’s office has a backlog of 63 open investigations, with 59 election fraud offenses pending prosecution. This caseload represents a significant increase at a time when Texans are being told voter fraud doesn’t exist.

Stats and figures in the report were accompanied by anecdotes.

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Grassroots Coalition Calls Upon Governor Abbott to Verify Voter Citizenship

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DAT Calls Upon Governor Abbott to Begin Verifying Citizenship in the Voter Registration Process.

Requests Gov. Abbott take executive action, issue an administrative order, and mandate citizenship verification for voter registration by the Secretary of State.

 (North Richland Hills, TX) A Texas Grassroots Coalition sent a letter to the Governor and help a press conference today demanding the Governor direct the Secretary of State to verify citizenship of voter registrations. Below are Aaron Harris comments as well as a copy of the letter send to Governor Abbott.

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