Texas Stiff Arming D.C. Democrats

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Protecting the vote of every eligible voter is a civil rights fight. This is why pursuing fraud and working to limit inaccuracies in election administration by maintaining accurate voter rolls is of vital importance. Any election where these elements are questioned is one that undermines the trust of the citizenry.

Earlier in the month, the attorney general’s office responded a second time to Washington Democrats seeking information from Texas on voter list maintenance and voter fraud investigations; stiff arm applied.

The letter from Texas to Chairman Elijah E. Cummings of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and Chairman Jamie Raskin of the House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties congratulated the chairmen for being concerned with election fraud.

After “heaping praise” the letter refused the committee’s demand for what the attorney general’s office labeled “privileged and confidential information related to ongoing voter fraud investigations” taking place in Texas. Currently, Washington liberals are dead set on injecting themselves into Texas election administration, likely with an eye toward impacting the state in 2020.

Here, the attorney general’s office is deploying a tactic used successfully by President Donald Trump, denying overreaching busybody maneuvers of House Democrats as they look for toeholds to conjure up legal challenges to the sovereignty of other duly elected officials and states.

Though it’s not likely their aim, the letter from D.C. does highlight fraud in elections. Did you know that voter fraud prosecutions in Texas last year outpaced the previous three years combined?

With this increased focus on Texas by D.C. Democrats, one would have expected Texas lawmakers to fortify elections from fraud during the 2019 legislative session. While there were efforts from some to accomplish this noble task, needed reforms were ultimately defeated. We’ll post a roundup of legislative failures and successes later in the week.

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