Broken Record; Leftwing Litigation Ploy

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Continuing a well-established theme, Democrats filed another lawsuit this week seeking to undermine elections in Texas.

Further frivolous actions were anticipated and teased after a ballot-by-mail age discrimination suit was filed last week.

Let’s watch a broken record spin till November.

Suit Designed by Pelosi

The latest legal gambit for universal mail-in balloting, brought by the Redistricting Foundation, would legalize vote harvesting (see California), pave a path to forged signatures, and blow up submission and counting deadlines.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been unsuccessful at passing laws to accomplish all of the above, so have Texas lawmakers of the most progressive strain. The fact that these bad ideas have failed to become law is a testament to our legislative process and the transparent nature of these and similar lawsuits.

These are bad ideas, aimed at manufacturing a result for a powerful minority, the Chinese Communist Party would approve.

Every time a lawsuit is filed, and at this point, the smart money is on more being filed, Texans need to be reminded, 2019 could have seen additional, needed safeguards enacted to ensure the sanctity of elections in our great state.

Instead, lawmakers in the House dithered and allowed the clock to run out on meaningful reforms. Laughably, rumors following the session suggest Republicans worried about litigation, spiked needed reforms to avoid going to court.

The folly of passing on worthwhile bills to avoid Democrats in court stands now in stark relief.

While it’s likely legislation passed by the majority Republican legislature would have been challenged so was Voter ID. Now, after the lawsuits, we have Voter ID, a policy that boasts nearly 80% approval, including support from a vast majority of Democrats polled (71%).

The only thing Texans will have on the other side of this election cycle legal jockeying, thanks to inaction from the House and inadequate pressure to perform from Governor Greg Abbott, is a docket graveyard full of orchestrated Democrat dreck.

Trautman Bails

Over the weekend, Harris County Clerk Dianne Trautman announced she would be resigning her post.

Trautman oversees the county’s elections, and while her departure has been blamed on Coronavirus, Trautman would be forgiven for bailing given her poor history of running elections and the turmoil headed her way in November.

During the primary election, Harris County made national news for failing voters with faulty information about line waits and misallocating machines. This coupled with recent pressure by AOC-wannabe County Judgette Lina Hidalgo to expand balloting by primed the county for a face-first fall come November.

Moving to expand mail-in balloting is a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist and one that Texas counties are not logistically prepared to execute. Wisconsin and South Korea along with other jurisdictions have managed to run in-person elections without a spike in coronavirus cases.

Bloomberg has reported that an election logjam should be expected given the sudden surge to expand mail-in balloting.

With November quite a way off, fear may reside and be replaced with the real threat of undercounting votes, ‘lost’ mail ballots.

In part, the Bloomberg projected delayed outcome would be because of an anticipated influx of mail votes but there are also varying and in some cases clownishly late deadlines for mailing in and counting ballots. 

Delayed submission and ballot counts are part of the newly filed lawsuit.

With all of this, instead of steering Texas clear of the 2020 equivalent of Florida’s 2000 hanging chad debacle, Democrats are ferrying us toward an avoidable fate.

Expanding voting by mail, by judicial fiat will end in confusion, delayed counts and contested elections.

As I suggested last week in a commentary posted to the Texas Scorecard, the fundamental undermining of our elections via rampant last-minute litigation is a flaw for concerned citizens but a feature for a leftist.

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