The Haddock Saga Continues – Now in Federal Court

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As if the primary defeats were not enough for the Haddocks, they have now filed an unfounded lawsuit in Federal Court. Last week Diane Haddock filed a civil rights lawsuit against Patricia Baca-Bennett and Tarrant County, as her employers, for creating a hostile work environment that she and her husband actually created themselves.

The 2018 Tarrant County judicial primary was bizarre to say the least. Haddock’s husband came out guns blazing against several members of the family court while focusing on Judge James Mumford. Haddock and his minions made numerous accusations and sent out hit piece after hit piece, only to be sorely defeated at the polls. Voters utterly rejected the malarkey Haddock was selling.

Now 8 months later Diane Haddock has decided to sue claiming that Tarrant County and Judge Baca-Bennett created a hostile working environment.

The complaint reads like a Mexican novella, 25 pages of “he said, she said” and mostly drama around “adults” getting their feelings hurt. (See the complaint and exhibits below.) Diane essentially lays out months worth of political campaign fodder, social media posts, and the tension arising out of the contested judicial primary, using those to claim victim-hood.

One interesting note is that she did not list Judge Bill Harris in her suit. This is important because the basis of her claim mostly centers around a post from Judge Bill Harris in which he claimed the president of the Texas bar had received Diane’s resignation in an email from Diane’s husband. The ensuing drama and misinformation, as claimed by Diane, all hinges upon this post, not from Judge Baca-Bennett, rather from Judge Bill Harris. Diane does not name Harris, only Baca-Bennett. Diane has been Judge Harris’ associate judge for 19 years. This hole in the complaint jumps out at anyone reading the suit.

Another hole in the complaint is Diane sues Baca-Bennett personally, yet the allegations are against Baca-Bennett in her role as judge. Seems amateur.

DAT reached out to Baca-Bennett for comment but at the time of publishing has not heard back. Tarrant County declined to comment as they are a party to the suit.

Attorney William Shane Nolen summarized it in saying: ““The relative standard of proof the plaintiff needs to show in order to survive a motion to dismiss in Federal Court is pretty low, resulting in only about 1/3 of the cases actually being dismissed. However, based on the pleadings and the evidence provided, I would expect a motion to dismiss is forthcoming and has a strong chance of being granted. It doesn’t take a law degree to read this suit and realize it just doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Diane is claiming that her 1st Amendment rights were hindered based upon her husband’s political activities. The only evidence she provides are courthouse rumors and political campaign talk, yet no actual harm has been incurred by Diane. She claims she was pressured and threatened with loss of her job, yet at the time of publishing she still has her job as the family court associate judge. I think she will have a hard time showing harm. This suit simply follows in the Haddock behavior pattern of crying victim when anyone opposes her husband and intimidating through strong arming them in court. The list of folks her husband threatened to sue in the primary, and afterwards, is long, DAT being one of them.

Tarrant County always settles its cases. Look for the DA, who will represent the County, to settle this out of court. The Haddocks are counting on that and will come out claiming victory, when it is not. They need new talking points and this is their target.

Like a third wheel on prom night, the Haddocks just won’t go away.


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