Tight Margins Highlight Danger of Voter Fraud Ignored

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One fraudulent vote is one too many.

The left for years has slavishly peddled the talking point that voter fraud either doesn’t exist or is so small a problem it should be ignored.

Conservatives are routinely derided for calling attention to the issue of election integrity and voter fraud. This derision is an unjust, cynical chastizement in service of the narrative.

This week, the Texas Attorney General’s office announced the arrest of a Carrolton man, Zul Mirza Mohamed, running for mayor for mail-in vote fraud.

Caught red-handed, Mohamed was charged with 25 counts of unlawful possession of a ballot and 84 counts of fraudulent use of a mail ballot application.

With several elections in 2020 anticipated to be close, even on the low side, 84 ballots fraudulently requested could swing an election.

In 2018, two seats in the Texas House could have been flipped with this many ballots, HD 132 gained by Democrats by a margin of 87 votes, and HD 138 which Republicans held by 47 votes.

Keep in mind this was the alleged ham-handed effort of just one man. If you put a harvesting team in the field, which exists in the DFW area and other parts of the state and it’s easy to envision more in reach seats falling.

For instance, House District 108 held by Republicans in 2018 by 220 or House District 66 was held by Republicans in 2018 by 391 votes could fall with a group of three harvesters.

Mail-in voter fraud, a proven tactic is being prosecuted at a higher clip in 2020 thanks to the efforts of the lawmakers in 2017 and the passage of SB 5.

Unfortunately, Governor Abbott did not prioritize election integrity during 2019, opening Texas’ election to further and avoidable abuse.

Staty tuned.

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