Troubling Audit Further Impacting Voter Rolls?

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In the fall of 2018 Direct Action Texas called on Governor Greg Abbott to ensure ineligible individuals were removed from Texas’ voter roll.

At the time, there were reportedly over 280,000 non-citizens potentially registered to vote. However, based on a December audit of the Department of Public Safety’s driver’s licenses division, that number could be higher.

According to the State Auditor’s office drivers licenses in Texas are being issued without proper information and supporting documentation.

This development could skew the number of non-citizens registered to vote even higher than previously estimated. It’s unclear how much higher since the audit was limited in scope, sampling 60 licenses from the total population of issued licenses. Still, 25% of those sampled lacked sufficient information.

Without unique identifying information being presented to obtain a driver’s license (i.e. social security and proof of residency) the likelihood of a voter being fraudulently registered is increased.

Following the audit’s publication, a DPS spokesperson stated that the department “did not issue a license or identification card to an ineligible applicant,” while at the same time the agency admits to a lack of institutional oversight.

Now, it’s more important than ever to be sure that the incoming Secretary of State is aggressively pursuing all opportunities to ensure a clean voter roll.

Ensuring that the votes of citizens are being cast and counted is crucial.

Join us calling for the newly appointed Secretary of State to safeguard our elections.

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