Trust in Midland ISD Bond Election Irrevocably Destroyed

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Surprise, the story and result of Midland’s recent bond election have once again changed according to Midland County Election Administrator Deborah Land.

Yesterday, Land announced the recount of November’s election was wrong, insisting the election night totals were accurate.

Even on election night, there were questions about the count since a machine tasked with counting mail-in ballots was on the fritz and had to be replaced.

In any case, assuming that the election night result was correct, following the receipt of additional ballots and provisionally cast ballots the bond was shown to have failed.

This latest development is sure to drive up tensions in an already fraught situation.

For those who have not been following the debacle in Midland, this is the fourth time that results have been thrown into doubt in what is clearly an election that can’t be trusted.

Land appears to be out of her depth and her latest attempt to quell fears surrounding the administration of this election only makes matters worse.

Reporting on Saturday’s pronouncement by the MRT notes that between the election and recount there is an over 800 vote discrepancy, throwing the result of the runoff (the official approved total) of 11 votes into doubt.

Proponents of trustworthy elections have 30 days after the canvassing of the vote to file a lawsuit contesting the election. The number of votes that have to be called into question is 10 since an additional uncounted ballot was discovered in a voting machine after the recount this past Monday.

The public insistence of school district leaders, who themselves acknowledged the mishandling of the election, that this is a closed matter is a paper-thin facade that ought to worry rather than ally fears.

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