Voters Beware – Arlington Election

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Here are the facts of the Arlington runoff election – VOTERS BEWARE – Roxanne lost in person voting 52/48 – you know when actual human bodies show up and vote. She allegedly won mail in ballots by a massive percentage – 70/30. Now why would the mail in voters be so different from in person voters? Well her campaign finance reports will explain that. All her money went to Murphy Nasica, a firm closely tied to “questionable” local elections. Her largest donor was Linebarger – a firm with ties to almost every major public corruption scandal in Texas and tied to both Dallas and Tarrant County election fraud investigations. Mario Perez, who is Linebarger’s ground guy and a close associate of Craig Murphy, also contributed money and helped on the ground. This isn’t legitimate help folks. Aside from her reports, well known harvesters were working the ground game for Roxanne. They do not appear on her reports, so they either worked directly for Murphy, or were “loaned” by Linebarger/Mario. Marvin WON the in person votes, lost the overall by 3 votes, allegedly.

DAT, nor anyone else, will not have access to the applications and carrier envelopes to review this election until later this year. They count on this. Thankfully this is the last election in which we will not have access to the applications and carriers immediately. HB2559 has been signed into law changing that.

Until then, Arlington gets another election in which voters should have NO confidence the person sitting in the seat actually earned it.

When one lays with dogs they get fleas.

Marvin Sutton – on behalf of the concept of free and fair elections, I apologize to you that we do not have that in Tarrant County.

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  • Isabella

    Excellent and sad article all at the same time! murphy nasica must be exposed and rooted out, along with linebarger and these criminal vote harvesters!

  • Kyle Fields

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • Kim Triolo Feil

    Thank you…why would the mail in ballots for general election and run-off be so different? Math rules in this case! Star Telegram: According to the Tarrant County elections office, Sutton had more in-person votes in the runoff — 408 to 320 — while Thalman won 70 percent of the mail-in votes. In the general election, Thalman received 49.5 percent of the mail-ins while Sutton received 37.6 percent.…/article162141553.html

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