Voting by Email in Texas?

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From the, “give them an inch they will take a mile” category comes this story from Houston.

Last week, lost in the dust-up over Sylvester Turner canceling the Republican Party Convention in Houston is the story of Harris County trying to implement balloting by email.

The request to allow thousands of voters who may have tested positive for COVID19 to vote online during the primary runoff election was made by Harris County Clerk Christopher Hollins.

This is the first election Hollins is administering after taking over for former Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman, who abruptly resigned her post after administering a trainwreck of a primary in March 2020. 

Hollins, according to his personal website is the Vice-chair of Finance for the Democratic Party of Texas, served in the Obama administration.

This cycle, Hollins has pushed the limits of election administration, including a potential misapplication of a SCOTX ruling on applying for mail-in ballots. The clerk also took part in a push by Judge Lina Hidalgo to increase mail-in voting by sending unsolicited BBM applications.

Email is a non-secure way to vote and susceptible to fraud, an argument that Judge Larry Weiman acknowledged during the Friday hearing before ruling against Hollins.

Crazily enough, there have been elections in the U.S. this year where voters were allowed to vote by email.

Of course, even with COVID19 cases on the rise in Texas, there is little to no evidence that the act of voting disproportionately endangers the public by transmission of the coronavirus.

Had Hollins been successful, email voting would have been pushed for in the November election. It’s also highly likely that this local instance of progressivism would have also been pushed statewide.

This is the latest in a long line of liberal ploys ahead of the 2020 election to gain an electoral advantage.

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