Gerald Haddock Pops Up – But Who Is He?

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The biggest myth in politics is that donors give money to candidates in order to “buy” their vote. The fact is conservative donors give money to conservative candidates because they are already conservative and like-minded. The same happens on the left. Annie’s List gives money to liberal candidates because they are already liberal, not to buy their vote.

Every now and then, however, someone comes along, breaks that mold, and spreads money around in order to purchase influence, or worse, expecting a quid pro quo. This year a certain Gerald Haddock has appeared on the scene… and where ever he shows up things get shady and bizarre quickly.

In 2015 Haddock came out hard against Craig Bickley in his run for the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD). Why? To protect Haddock’s corrupt downtown cronies Jim Lane and Marty Leonard. Haddock complained that Bickley was funded by one man and therefore beholden to him.  A man who never asked for anything in return… yet what has Haddock done this year?

With the onset of the primaries, Haddock began scheduling appointments with candidates, primarily judicial candidates, regardless of ideology. I’ve spoken to several of them, and in these meetings Haddock presents himself as some kind of kingmaker (laughable) and offers money. The candidates I’ve spoken to have rejected his money. Why? Because there was a clear understanding that the money came with an expectation of quid pro quo.

He’s now attempting to influence candidates thru his control, which is ironic because he was making the same accusation towards others a few short months ago. Haddock wants something from these candidates that goes beyond simply doing their job well. Haddock has become exactly the self interested manipulator he complained so much about in the TRWD election. This should be rejected by all.

Haddock has established a number of organizations to promote his agenda, most notably – Tarrant Court Watchdogs and Tarrant Families Matter. He is also running mailers through Megaphone SuperPAC.

In 2017 Haddock began paying James Trimm to put out his messaging. I like James, but the messaging he’s been putting out against Judge James Munford on behalf of Haddock is silly. Let’s first look at the hypocrisy of the messenger. Haddock has a very public track record of being anti-2nd Amendment. At the 2014 Republican state convention Gerald Haddock sat on the rules committee. During the convention, 2nd Amendment activists came to testify in the rules committee holstering antique black powder pistols. Gerald was having none of it, the mere presence of a firearm in the room sent him into a fit.  Arguments ensued, and he attempted to have those citizens removed. Their crime? Being armed. Now comes Gerald Haddock attempting to create messaging as some great supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Haddock, thru James Trimm, has viciously attacked James Munford, for signing an order which removed a litigant’s ability to have guns during the proceedings on his domestic relations case. Never mind the fact that the defendant agreed to it prior to it going to Munford for signature. Last time I checked, Republicans and conservatives are against activist judges who would override an agreement made by both parties.

Haddock wants you to believe is that he is a 2nd Amendment fighter. No Haddock, you’re an opportunist who is against allowing people to carry their weapons. You actually have a record of that. Your lies are duly noted.

Haddock has also discovered a newfound conservative streak…commenting on posts by NE Tarrant Tea Party and Julie McCarty, claiming 1st person status to tea party positions. Yet he’s never espoused these positions before. Not only that, he has shown the exact opposite. Take eminent domain. Haddock posted that the TRWD’s use of eminent domain is great….and that without it we would have no Disney World.  No one is sure what the connection is other than it demonstrates Haddock’s adherence to big government and disdain for private property rights. He is no grassroots conservative he now attempts to sell himself as.

Why is Gerald Haddock doing all this? It’s a personal vendetta to him. Gerald Haddock’s wife Dianne Haddock is an associate Judge in the Tarrant County family court. As is normal for any work place, Dianne has some work place clashes. Welcome the mess we are seeing now.

It’s not about conservative or liberal. He doesn’t have a moral compass like activists do. He just wants to win at all costs, show how powerful and important he is, and protect his wife’s job. The problem is those he opposes are not necessarily perfect either, but reforming our courts is the work of all of us, not just a bored disgruntled man with his own agenda and an axe to grind. We have a lot of work to do in the Tarrant County family courts…. Get to work folks, we have some judges to turn over.

Activists and voters should reject Haddock and his shady operations. This issue will live beyond Tuesday’s primary election so activists need to keep their eyes and ears open for where this shady opportunist might pop up next.

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