Will Governor Abbott defy President Trump?

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Dealing with non-citizens voting in Texas elections has become an unnecessary game of cat and mouse.

A recently reported effort by the Census Bureau is the latest flare-up and another front on which the left is fighting as it works to harbor illegal voters on Texas voting rolls.

On October 2, the Texas Department of Public Safety received a request from the Census Bureau requesting a monthly dataset including driver’s license and citizenship status information for those who have registered with the state.

As of this week, the DPS has not yet complied with the request, but it should. More on this shortly.

This request is the latest in a string attempts by the Trump administration to serve law-abiding citizens and limit interference in U.S. elections by non-citizen voters. Like many of the projects, Trump has endeavored to pursue, attempts to put America first are being undermined by the left and compromised Republicans.

In part, this request is coming back to clean up the upcoming census after the Supreme Court ruled a question about citizenship status was not well enough justified. At the time, the administration claimed the question was added at the behest of the Justice Department so officials could better enforce voting rights law.

How about the current request. According to a DPS spokeswoman, the department was reviewing the request but hasn’t taken action. So, what appears to be the latest effort to secure elections in Texas requires cooperation between Abbott and the Trump administration.

At the very least, Abbott should comply with the Census Bureau’s request.

Ideally, Abbott will call for a special session to address the ongoing angst over the veracity of inaccurate DPS records being used to facilitate elections among other concerns about fair elections being conducted in 2020.

During the past legislative session, several pieces of legislation calling for establishing citizenship status at the time of voter registration were proposed but did not become law.

Additionally, the left successful squashed an attempt by the Secretary of State to identify non-citizens registered to vote and voting in elections by way of routine list maintenance. While the effort did not get executed across the state it was successful in confirming non-citizens are registered and voting. During a court hearing secretary of state staff testified that as a result of the publicity surrounding the effort, non-citizens self-identified as being illegally registered to vote and in some instances voting, requesting to be removed from voting rolls.

Now is the perfect time for such a session. While in session dealing with urgent issues of election integrity, the GOP can address what appears to have become an untenable issue with the current Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen.

In addition to election implications, dealing with faulty data will adversely impact the redistricting in 2021. Non-citizens have a profound impact on legislative representation by way of inclusion in map drawing efforts.

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