13 Voter Fraud Indictments Handed Down in Edinburg

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Yesterday, the Hidalgo County District Attorney confirmed that 13 indictments were handed down in Edinburg, Texas stemming from a voter fraud investigation following a local election in 2017.

In April, the Attorney General’s office reported that husband and wife Richard and Dalia Molina were arrested in connection with voter fraud allegations. Richard Molina won his 2017 mayoral bid by a 1200 vote margin, taking out a longtime incumbent.

The couple is accused of having voters change their addresses so they would be eligible to vote for Molina in the election. Some addresses are alleged to have been changed to an apartment complex owned by Molina.

After the April arrests, both Molina’s were indicted in June and pleaded not guilty in July.

All of the individuals indicted Thursday were alleged to have changed addresses to the city of Edinburg when they did not live there. Twenty individuals have been charged in connection with this fraud scheme, including a business partner of Molina’s.

Julio Carranza, Molina’s partner, has been charged with one count of engaging in organized election fraud and two counts of illegal voting.

It’s been reported that following Molina’s election, Carranza was appointed to the Edinburg Economic Development Council, a position he resigned shortly before Carranza Development, owned by Mr. Carranza, was awarded contracts by the city of Edinburg.

Voter fraud is an ongoing concern in Texas, one that was inadequately addressed during the legislative session. Ahead of what could be a pivotal 2020 election, Texans will need to be vigilant and active to secure their votes.

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