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Support These Seven Senate Bills!

There are seven Senate bills waiting in the House that need your support. They have all passed in the Senate and need to move in House. There are many other bills that have merit and are waiting to move, but these seven are of particular import.

We must urge House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and House Elections Committee Chairwoman Stephanie Klick to support these bills and move them through the process. Bill information and contact numbers are provided below. Please remember to always be polite when calling.

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School District Employee Arrested for Voter Fraud

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This week an East Texas woman was arrested for election fraud after she was found to have filled out multiple absentee ballots. Carolyn Lewis, a 68-year-old woman employed by the Chapel Hill Independent School District was arrested and placed on administrative leave.

Local station KETK reported Lewis in her interview said that the white candidates would not be good for the school, “we felt like the white people were gonna clown because this is the first time that we have ever seen this many in it.”

The arrest came after the Smith County Elections Administrator found four absentee ballots witnessed by the same individual. Following the discovery the Smith County District Attorney’s office was alerted to this violation of the Texas Elections Code.

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Mayor, wife arrested for an illegal voting scheme

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Today, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the arrest of the mayor of Edinburg and his wife on charges that they ran an illegal vote harvesting scheme, including having voters register to vote at an apartment complex owned by the then-candidate.

Richard and Dalia Molina arrests stem from a long-running investigation into his 2017 mayoral election. Molina won the election by a margin of more than 1,200 votes, unseating a longtime incumbent.

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Voting Machine Alert!

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Hart eSlate Voting Machine

Direct Action Texas is once again getting reports of difficulties with the eSlate system shown above. If your county uses these machines please take the following precaution: SLOW DOWN.

As we illustrated in our video from 2018, voters must not press enter or spin the wheel too rapidly. These machines are not your smartphone, more like your Grandma’s rotary phone. They are old systems due to be replaced. If you make a selection and then spin the wheel before the machine catches up, it can change your vote. Most people do not experience issues, but if you do, just go back and try again.

The most important thing to remember is to check all of your selections on the summary screen BEFORE you hit “CAST BALLOT”. Once you hit that big red button, you can’t go back. If you need assistance, ask for help from the Election Judge before you cast your ballot.

The Solution to the "Switching Candidates."

We have received countless calls about the Hart electronic voting machines "switching candidates." So, we headed over to Tarrant County Elections and shot this video to explain what is happening. Voters need to simply take a breath, take their time, and check their voting summary before they hit "cast ballot." These machines do not work as quickly as your smart phone.

Posted by Direct Action Texas on Friday, October 26, 2018
Our 2018 Videoh

GOP Congressmen push back against Democrat bully tactics

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Yesterday, Republican members of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform joined Ken Paxton, pushing back on a Democrat effort to interfere in the administration of elections in Texas.

Republicans members of the oversight committee issued a letter to Democrats in leadership insisting they halt investigations into Texas’ list maintenance activities initiated in January. The letter sent yesterday states that there was no “valid legislative purpose” for Chairman of the committee Elijah Cummings D-Maryland to initiate investigations.

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