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SCOTX Bounces Bum Legal Arguments

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An unmerited expansion of mail-in balloting by judicial order was dealt a blow yesterday.

The Texas Supreme Court issued an opinion (four actually) contradicting a lower court ruling expanding mail-in balloting beyond the five classes of voters to which it has long been confined.

Importantly, the court nixed two arguments deployed by liberals during the pandemic to notch policy victories they’ve been unable to accomplish via legislation.

First, and this was one abandoned by the left before the ruling, is that fear qualifies as a disability that allows a voter to receive a mail-in ballot. Heads up, fake prescriptions should be torn up and tossed.

Second, and more important moving forward, a lack of immunity is not a disability.

Hot takes from “experts” grasping for a silver lining (1 | 2 | 3) landed on county election administrators having broad authority to accept applications and not investigate the veracity of disability claims.

While it’s nice greater attention is being paid to the broken mechanics of Texas election administration, it’s exposing ignorance.

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Fake Prescription to Vote by Mail?

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How desperate are Democrats to expand mail-in balloting?

One candidate, a doctor from East Texas appears to be sending emails with fake prescriptions telling her supporters to apply for mail-in ballots.

A campaign email from Dr. Carolyn Salter obtained by Direct Action Texas had the following prescription:

Salter is running in CD 5 a reliably Republican seat currently occupied by Lance Gooden.

Is Salter telling her supporters to break the law and apply for a mail-in ballot?

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People Over 65 Shouldn’t Fear Voting in Person

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Republican leaders have started to speak out against the operation to undermine elections in Texas.

It’s about time.

Liberal groups for the past two months have been suing to change Texas law via judicial fiat. The goal, manufacture some wins in November.

The maneuver, needed because the left has failed to win elections and enact law previously, is being peddled as public health protection during a pandemic. Still, to make their case, common sense must be suspended entirely.

For one, many elections in America and around the world have proven in-person voting to be safe. Wisconsin had between 52 and 71 individuals who voted come down with COVID19, depending on which study you consult.

This is a low number, startling low given the reasonable presumption that Democrats worked hard to prove their pre-election thesis that “forcing” an in-person election would lead to widespread illness and death.

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Battle of Court Cases Results in Whiplash, Distrust

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As if on cue, a federal judge Tuesday issued a preliminary partisan injunction allowing for universal balloting by mail in Texas.

The ruling was drafted by Samuel Frederick Biery Jr. a Bill Clinton appointee.

Following the order, Attorney General Paxton said the “opinion ignores the evidence and disregards well-established law.” The ruling was appealed to the 5th Circut Court of Appeals and almost immediately stayed.

These developments follow a temporary order issued Friday from the Texas Supreme Court in a separate suit that stayed a state court order that had the effect of expanding Texas’ limited balloting by mail to everyone in the state.

A hearing on that suit was held this morning via video conference, more on this later.

We’re dealing with two separate cases on two different tracks (state/federal) and there are several other cases filed and more coming as Democrats work to upend elections ahead of November.

The chaos is intentional.

The state and federal cases rely on the false premise that in-person voting will be disproportionately more dangerous in 2020 than it ever was, has been or will be. It’s not.

This week the final verdict was delivered on Wisconsin’s in-person voting during the March primary. There was no spike in cases associated with voting, and a maximum of 71 individuals who voted in person or worked the polls came down with the virus. 

There’s no information suggesting that these 71 cases actually came from the election, the real range is 0 to 71. As few as 0 voters or poll workers in Wisconsin came down with the virus.

Aside from the lack of need, the Biery ruling (federal) was intellectually disingenuous in its suggestion that a lack of fraud prosecutions is a because there isn’t fraud taking place in Texas elections.

While limited resources in both the public and private sectors necessitate only a handful of cases being pursued on an annual basis all voter fraud results in a voter being disenfranchised, one case is one too many.

What’s more, contrary to the court’s opinion, Texas isn’t restricting the use of mail-in balloting, it’s carrying on with the current and longstanding regime of mail-in voting.

Supreme Courts at both the state and federal levels will have to ack as a backstop to the from the bench legislating that Biery and his cohorts in the state courts are embarking on in the midst government-imposed crisis.

Broken Record; Leftwing Litigation Ploy

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Continuing a well-established theme, Democrats filed another lawsuit this week seeking to undermine elections in Texas.

Further frivolous actions were anticipated and teased after a ballot-by-mail age discrimination suit was filed last week.

Let’s watch a broken record spin till November.

Suit Designed by Pelosi

The latest legal gambit for universal mail-in balloting, brought by the Redistricting Foundation, would legalize vote harvesting (see California), pave a path to forged signatures, and blow up submission and counting deadlines.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been unsuccessful at passing laws to accomplish all of the above, so have Texas lawmakers of the most progressive strain. The fact that these bad ideas have failed to become law is a testament to our legislative process and the transparent nature of these and similar lawsuits.

These are bad ideas, aimed at manufacturing a result for a powerful minority, the Chinese Communist Party would approve.

Every time a lawsuit is filed, and at this point, the smart money is on more being filed, Texans need to be reminded, 2019 could have seen additional, needed safeguards enacted to ensure the sanctity of elections in our great state.

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