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Election Integrity Roundup 6.29.2020

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country. Some of these stories may have already been shared via our social media accounts, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Early Voting Starts Today

Texas’ delayed primary run-off election is starting today and now that we have substantially more information about the spread of the novel coronavirus it’s clear that voting in-person can be done safely.

In multiple elections across the country, despite threats of death from journalists, there has been a distinct lack of case spikes following in-person voting during the pandemic.

What we have seen in repeated elections from Wisconsin, to Georgia to New Jersey is report, after report, after report of mail-in balloting gone awry.

If you see something out of the ordinary at your polling place, mail-in balloting activity, or know someone with a story to tell, reach out to us via phone at 877-385-VOTE (8683) or 877-267-VOTA to visit en Espanol.

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Fraud in Bexar Co. Alleged

A week before the run-off election, members of the Democrat party in Bexar Co. are suing a candidate for Party Chair, Grace Rose Gonzales, alleging she committed fraud

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Aaron Harris, Direct Action Texas Drive Reform

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Election fraud in Texas is easier to prosecute thanks to the work of Direct Action Texas (DAT) and Aaron Harris.

In 2018, Harris, then-Executive Director of DAT, sat down with Senator Kelly Hancock to discuss SB5, legislation the group helped craft to curb election fraud after years of uncovering it across the state.

Sen. Hancock, during the podcast, recalled how he worked with Rep. Craig Goldman and Harris on the issue of election reform, stemming in part from DAT’s deep understanding of voter fraud after uncovering it for the first time in 2015.

Since then, the organization has worked to raise the profile of voter fraud, advocating for sound election administration while continuing to investigate fraud and advocating for legislation to address issues encountered during those investigations.

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Left Crafts Crude Electoral Shiv

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The left is fashioning a shiv to fatally undermine trust in elections. In part, the plan involves lowering expectations ahead of November.

After months of calling for drastic changes to how elections are run, the left is now “prepping” Americans for delayed results.

This messaging is being peddled as a public service, but it’s anything but helpful to suggest delays in results are inevitable or to ignore the fact that this messaging will be used to call for additional destabilizing 11th-hour changes.

Narratives with manipulated visions about how the election will play out serve multiple nefarious aims, let’s take them in turn.

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Chaotic by Liberal Design; The Georgia-Texas Connection

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When it comes to election administration, Liberals are acting in bad faith.

This well-worn truth has been exacerbated by the coronavirus but would have been on full display in 2020 even without a novel virus from China.

Here’s the pattern we can discern.

Liberals call for massive fundamental changes, these demands, if they are won, throw the system into chaos. Then, this chaos is decried by liberals who demand further changes.

At the same time radical changes are being requested, reforms meant to safeguard and streamline elections in a measured way are killed.

While this is the approach by the left to running elections it’s also an image of what liberals want to do with the U.S. government. Disrupt, distort, destroy, and replace.

This week’s 2020 primary election in Georgia is an example of this and the pattern of behavior we’ve seen in Texas.

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Mail-in Balloting Lawsuits: a lay of the land

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No Texan should run the increased risk of having their ballot harvested, lost, or tossed by to voting via mail when able to vote in-person.

Contrary to the constant public bedwetting by the left via social and mainstream media, Texans should not be worried about voting in-person either during the runoff election this summer or the November general election.

Nobody is being cavalier with lives; there’s just no example of an election leading to an uptick in coronavirus infections. There are however multiple examples of in-person elections being safely run.

Unfortunately, to try and gain an electoral advantage where one doesn’t exist, Democrats in Texas have sued the state on several different grounds.

Below is an overview of cases that have been filed and where each one currently stands on a timeline.

Note: More lawsuits are anticipated, and will be added to the timeline when filed.

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