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Blue Wave of Litigation

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The blue wave, bandied about in reference to winning elections in 2020, might more accurately refer to the tsunami of lawsuits filed by leftists to try and manufacture a favorable electoral outcome in November.

As predicted, Texas Democrats have fired up the lawsuit machine following the primary run-off ahead of the November election.

Last week two voters and civil rights groups sued the state of Texas to enforce rules that may not be needed in November.

One of the practices that the lawsuit seeks to expand is curbside voting. During the 2019 legislative session, there were attempts to expand this practice that failed.

As was the case with expanding mail-in balloting for the primary election, altering curbside voting without debate and votes from duly elected representatives of the people should be shunned.

This is yet another power grab masquerading as good governance and like the many other lawsuits filed by Democrats this election cycle, thrown out.

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Dickey’s Dumpster Fire

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The GOP Convention is a complete disaster.

One participant we spoke with said, “this is so bad, I can’t describe how horrible this is.”

This morning Chairman James Dickey kicked off the convention despite widespread reports that delegates were not being credentialed by the hundreds, if not thousands.

An inauspicious start that would just get worse.

Delegates and alternates who are in the virtual voting are being denied their right to a secret ballot. Moderators, the CD caucus chair, are looking at names with yes or no and tallying votes.

Screenshots of these votes may exist, but it’s unclear if parties from separate camps are allowed to oversee the tallying or if any accountability or permanent record exists.

Worse, apparently GOP staff in a move of last-minute desperation went with a plan that does not have the ability for delegates to confirm that their vote was recorded as cast.

There does not appear to be a rule allowing such a waiver of the rule requiring this feature. The staff that has destroyed this convention continue to run roughshod over the rules.

Additionally, it’s been reported that CDs are allowing folks to enter caucuses without being credentialed, letting people into virtual rooms by giving them host status.

These issues are on top of the hundreds of individuals who have not been credentialed despite their best efforts and the hundreds more who have not been able to join onto the platform.

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Voting by Email in Texas?

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From the, “give them an inch they will take a mile” category comes this story from Houston.

Last week, lost in the dust-up over Sylvester Turner canceling the Republican Party Convention in Houston is the story of Harris County trying to implement balloting by email.

The request to allow thousands of voters who may have tested positive for COVID19 to vote online during the primary runoff election was made by Harris County Clerk Christopher Hollins.

This is the first election Hollins is administering after taking over for former Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman, who abruptly resigned her post after administering a trainwreck of a primary in March 2020. 

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Texas GOP Convention Going Forward?

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If a betting market exists for whether the GOP convention will take place in Houston or virtually, smart money at this point is on virtual.

This is bad news for the GOP.

On a town hall call, Chairman James Dickey stated that a virtual convention is not ideal for the majority of delegates. He’s right.

As a quick refresher.

The Texas GOP has planned for months to host an in-person convention in Houston. Now that hyped Marxist rioting has subsided and COVID19 case counts are on the rise, rancor for a second shutdown is ratcheting up.

This energy is being funneled by both Democrats and Republicans toward canceling the in-person convention in Houston.

Last week, GOP party leadership, months after it began furtively devising a virtual-only convention contingency plan, moved to adopt rules needed to implement the secretive solution.

An online-hostage-at-home convention is not popular with the party faithful, with love for the technological failsafe largely confined to eggheads overly concerned by derision from the cackling hordes on the left.

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ALERT: Voters do not have to wear masks

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With increased confusion around mask mandates, we’ve received multiple complaints from voters who have been turned away from the polls for not wearing a mask.

Voters can not be forced to wear a face mask to vote according to guidance from the Texas Secretary of State issued ahead of the run-off election.

There is no authority under Texas law to require voters to wear face coverings when presenting to vote.Secretary of State

Further, if you are wearing a mask, an election judge may request that you lower your mask to make a positive identification when checking you in to vote.

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