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Tarrant County vs. Fort Bend County Betrays Weak Election Fraud Supposition

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The internet can be pretty worthless. Take, for instance, incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant information being passed around about Tarrant County Elections.

Conspiracy theorists have created conjecture that because Tarrant County’s election administrator is an immigrant from Venezuela and has worked in elections professionally for more than 15 years, including as a programmer for Smartmatic that something untoward took place in the 2020 election in Tarrant County.

The “proof” according to these mental midgets is that Biden narrowly won the county this year.

It’s not a compelling argument. If it were, a similar case could be made for fraud in another Texas county with a similar shift from GOP to Democrat in the past three voting cycles, Fort Bend County.

In fact, the shift in Fort Bend County is arguably worse; the only problem for the grifters and bots peddling the Tarrant County line is there’s no conspiracy juice.

No foreigner to blame. No irrelevant (non-compelling) video of a hearing in the Philippines. No history of the election administrator working for a company mentioned during a press conference last Thursday by a legendary Norwegian squid.

No conspiracy juice.

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WACO, TEXAS — Progressive activists have been aggressively working to undermine Texas elections, a push that is likely to continue.

The shape of these efforts includes subversion of election law by local officials, vexatious litigation, and seeding false narratives. Direct Action Texas (DAT) has been tracking these incursions all year.

Yesterday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) tweeted she was headed to Georgia to make sure Democrats win two key Senate seats but did you know she had staffers monitoring Texas’ election?

Tarrant County’s recently completed election featured an AOC attache reported by DAT Board member Chris Putnam on Monday. While this activity may have been aimed at winning this election, the presence will also serve as information gathering for future cycles.

DAT will be watching for policies and activities, including extending the vote to non-citizens and illegal immigrants, being advocated nationwide in the coming weeks and months.

Texas lawmakers must move election integrity bills this session to fortify our elections against the machinations of the left.

Was there a national progressive presence in your county? Give us a call at 1-877-267-VOTE (8683) or send an email to so we can track this network of progressive activism in Texas elections.


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In the days following the 2020 election, media outlets and Democrat politicians are working on setting up a strawman on the topic of election fraud cases. The goal, minimize, and move past fraud as fast as possible.

Direct Action Texas has been investigating and proving mail-in ballot fraud for years, and there’s one thing in common with these efforts, they take time.

While there will be a tremendous amount of energy and manpower quickly allocated to swing states that will decide the presidential election, fraud in Texas elections will take more time to discover.

Senator Sarah Eckhardt yesterday suggested that evidence of election fraud in Texas should be presented immediately or forgotten. Sorry, that’s not how this works.

“Direct Action Texas is in the early stages of investigating several allegations of fraud following this election. There will be actionable complaints that arise from these starts,” according to Direct Action Texas Executive Director Daniel Greer.

In addition to applying an artificial and rapid time constraint, setting the bar at “mass” fraud isn’t the standard. One vote stolen or illegally cast is a vote that disenfranchises a legal vote, worth investigation, and prosecution.

Several Texas lawmakers and leaders have announced awards for election fraud tips that lead to prosecutions, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

Before the election, Don Huffines, a Dallas-area businessman, and former Senator, announced a partnership with Direct Action Texas. To submit a tip, 1-877-267-VOTE (8683) or email


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WACO, TEXAS — Direct Action Texas condemns the irresponsible messaging tactics being deployed by the mainstream media suggesting fraud hasn’t taken place anywhere.

Today’s New York Times front-page headline claiming no fraud has been found nationwide amounts to an Obi-Wan Kenobi wave; this isn’t the election you need to check for fraud.

It’s indisputable there was election fraud in 2018 and 2019. Yet, in this, the most consequential election of our lifetime, the official media position is, there’s no fraud. This painfully illogical stance serves as another example of how far down the propagandist path the media has wandered.

“It’s more likely that fraud would take place and at a higher rate of instance than prior cycles given the gravity of the election,” stated Direct Action Texas Executive Director Daniel Greer.

As the media continues to cover for a flawed and likely fraud filled election, activists from across the nation are descending on swing states to uncover mismanagement and fraud the press has and will continue to suppress.

Meanwhile, election counting is still not complete, including provisional ballots in swing states. Allegations of fraud in Arizona, including curbside voting irregularities, ballots being delivered to and harvested from homes, and coaching to mismark ballots, remain to be adjudicated.

These and allegations from other states have severely degraded trust in the result of this election. Papering over the myriad objectively significant issues already identified with this election’s administration does more harm than good.

More activity, like the statewide recount ordered by Georgia’s Secretary of State, will be needed in contested states to begin the process of rebuilding trust in not only this but future elections.


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TYLER, TX — Direct Action Texas condemns the apparent practice of unlimited anonymous voting being ignored and in some cases excused in the days following the 2020 election.

Poll watchers in Philadelphia have asserted that ballots were cast and counted despite there being no record of the voter in the poll book. Claims from other states suggest mail-in ballots cast by voters who had already voted were shifted to voters who had not.

Reports of votes being counted that were unattached or reallocated to voters on the rolls is added to the confirmed reports of voting system glitches misallocating votes and confirmed cases of dead individuals casting ballots.

“Claims of unlimited anonymous voting must be thoroughly investigated. Rushing to conclusions and eschewing allegations of fraud harms trust in the process,” said Daniel Greer, Direct Action Texas’ Executive Director.

While the totality of the fraud and mismanagement in this election remains unknown it appears to be great and widespread, a predictable outcome given the circumstances.

The likelihood of cheating in this election was highly plausible after half the population was primed to take out a media fabricated dictator. Also, very likely was misadministration due to rushed changes in this election was run.

“While declaring a winner may relieve pent up derangement suffered by the liberal elite, left-wing activists and media handmaidens it exacerbates tensions rather than relieving them,” Greer stated.

The left wants and will achieve unlimited anonymous voting if this election isn’t fought tooth and nail, regardless of the outcome.

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