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Statement on SB7 Moving to Committee

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On Monday, the Texas House read SB7 for the first time and referred it to the Elections Committee.

This is an important development that comes just a week after the Senate passed its omnibus election measure off to the lower chamber.

Quick movement of this bill through the legislative process is crucial as SB7 complements and supplements the House’s omnibus election measure, HB6, by Rep. Briscoe Cain.

While both bills are classified as omnibus, they deal with substantively different parts of the code. There are some overlapping reforms, such as protecting poll watchers’ rights and collecting more information about assistance given to a voter, but there are fewer similarities than differences.

Grassroots activists concerned with election integrity are encouraged to contact Chairman Cain’s office and ask that SB7 be scheduled for a hearing and quick passage to ensure robust election integrity measures don’t fail for a lack of time in the session.

Chair Cain – (512) 463-0733

Call for Immediate Movement on SB7

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There’s an old saying in Tennessee, at least it’s in Texas, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me — can’t get fooled again.

Senate Bill 7, an omnibus election bill that deals with administration issues at the heart of the assault on our elections and the rule of law in 2020, has passed out of the Senate and is now in the House where it needs to be read for the first time and referred to committee.

Call on Speaker Phelan to expedite this emergency item for first reading and assignment to committee.

Office # (512) 463-1000

In 2019, major election integrity legislation was delayed in the legislature and ultimately killed. Texans won’t get fooled again.

And, while this session appears to be different (SB7 beat 2019’s SB9 to the House by 10 days and HB6 is stronger than any HB authored and heard in 2019), pressure on lawmakers to abandon needed reforms is mounting.

Major corporations and the media is arrayed against needed election integrity bills, specifically SB7 and HB6, and lawmakers need to hear from constituents to counteract this energy.

Where we are now was the first major delay in the process in 2019. It took almost two weeks for SB9 to be read and referred after it moved from the Senate to the House.

Keeping that old saying from Tennessee in mind, our first job is to beat that two-week delay. Give Speaker Phelan’s office a polite call to expedite this emergency item for first reading and assignment to committee his office number is (512) 463-1000.

We’ll have more steps after this is done but let’s take things one step at a time.

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