ALERT: Voters do not have to wear masks

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With increased confusion around mask mandates, we’ve received multiple complaints from voters who have been turned away from the polls for not wearing a mask.

Voters can not be forced to wear a face mask to vote according to guidance from the Texas Secretary of State issued ahead of the run-off election.

There is no authority under Texas law to require voters to wear face coverings when presenting to vote.Secretary of State

Further, if you are wearing a mask, an election judge may request that you lower your mask to make a positive identification when checking you in to vote.

 An election judge has discretion to ask the voter to temporarily lower or remove their face covering if the judge is not able to determine the voter’s identity while wearing a face covering. (Sections 32.071 and 63.001(d)).Secretary of State

These guidance items (and more) have been enumerated by the Secretary of State.

An election judge may not bar you from voting for not wearing a mask.

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