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Left ramping up to deface future elections

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The completely predictable has happened.

A by-the-skin-of-their-teeth Democrat majority in D.C. is going to try and ram through an abomination of an election bill.

In part, the bill H.R. 1 will be a retread of Nancy Pelosi’s similarly number measure from 2019, which seeks to make permanent some of the maladministration of the 2020 election.

An attempt to enshrine into law rules that destabilized the republic is abhorrent behavior. The called for changes are correctly viewed as removing safeguards against fraud.

Pelosi would like vote-by-mail universal, end voter ID, invalidate state election laws, and end signature verification for starters.

The left isn’t interested in the future as it wasn’t during 2020 in the running free and fair from fraud elections. Its only aims are power, and rigging the game is the only way that happens.

This is no way to build back trust in American elections. Pelosi’s gambit is a sure-fire way to undermine trust further and lead to more contention.

To borrow a phrase from the woke, the bill is violence.

This and other policy proposals’ net effect will be worse than Obamacare for the party in power. That this isn’t already accounted for is unlikely and is a good indicator of the party’s prospects moving forward.

Still, there will need to be reform efforts at the state level to set up a bulwark against these and other federal government abuses.

Risk-limiting Audits Needed

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Texas needs risk-limiting audits to rebuild trust in elections.

Right now, the only way an audit of an election occurs in Texas is if there’s a dispute about the result.

A dispute isn’t always triggered and certainly wouldn’t have been for the presidential election in Texas.

Still, there were questions in various counties about election result veracity, doubts that an audit could have allayed.

While narratives by national figures like Michelle Malkin and the Gateway Pundit suggesting electronic in Tarrant County fraud fell flat when challenged, distrust exists that can’t be overcome without an audit.

Not all audits are created equal. Texas needs robust and transparent audits.

The only thing worse than no audit might be an audit that can credibly be criticized like the half-hearted variants on display in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania this cycle.

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Mason Is No Martyr

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It’s that time again, time for another legal appeal from Crystal Mason, a woman from Dallas convicted of voter fraud after casting an illegal ballot in 2016.

Invariably, every development in Mason’s contrived legal saga is accompanied by a round of media hand wringing. The chief aim of the left’s narrative gambit is to remove all possible barriers to submitting an illegal ballot.

As a brief recap, in 2016, while on parole following a tax fraud conviction, Mason cast a provisional vote for Hillary Clinton. She was barred by law from casting that ballot.

Mason isn’t a voting rights advocate. The continued fight against her rightful conviction is an affront to election integrity and appears to be aimed at undermining enforcement of the law.

Democrat lawmakers have filed legislation to allow convicted felons on parole or otherwise to vote ahead of the 2021 legislative session. Such measures are unlikely to pass but Mason’s never-ending story of a case gives a news hook to talk about these measures doomed for the legislative trash heap.

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Tarrant County vs. Fort Bend County Betrays Weak Election Fraud Supposition

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The internet can be pretty worthless. Take, for instance, incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant information being passed around about Tarrant County Elections.

Conspiracy theorists have created conjecture that because Tarrant County’s election administrator is an immigrant from Venezuela and has worked in elections professionally for more than 15 years, including as a programmer for Smartmatic that something untoward took place in the 2020 election in Tarrant County.

The “proof” according to these mental midgets is that Biden narrowly won the county this year.

It’s not a compelling argument. If it were, a similar case could be made for fraud in another Texas county with a similar shift from GOP to Democrat in the past three voting cycles, Fort Bend County.

In fact, the shift in Fort Bend County is arguably worse; the only problem for the grifters and bots peddling the Tarrant County line is there’s no conspiracy juice.

No foreigner to blame. No irrelevant (non-compelling) video of a hearing in the Philippines. No history of the election administrator working for a company mentioned during a press conference last Thursday by a legendary Norwegian squid.

No conspiracy juice.

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Help Find Misuse of Public Funds

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The use of public funds to influence the 2020 election will be a topic of research and conversation in the weeks and months to come but there’s work that can be done today.

First, let’s look at a recent example of one North Texas school district where public resources appear to have been used to turn out the Democrat vote.

According to Texas Scorecard reporting on the matter, a Richardson Independent School District employee used the virtual bulletin board to promote a Democrat slate. That’s a no-no.

Texans who are interested in election integrity, including a level playing field for all candidates and parties on the ballot can take action.

If you have a student in public school, and energy to burn on election day or in the days that follow, take a look at any bulletin boards (virtual in many cases) and search for electioneering for any party or candidate.

To submit a tip give us a call at 1-877-267-8683 or email if you have an example or would like help forming an open records request.

This is the action for now but there’s a next step.

Further reforms to election law could have been accomplished during the 2019 legislative session that may have curtailed the abuse of public resources on campaign activities.

Legislation creating a criminal offense for school district employees to use public funds or resources (including a school message board) was authored and advocated for during the 2019 legislative session.

SB 1569 would have increased penalties on the use of school district recourses to electioneer. passed out of the Senate but was left pending in the Texas House like many other priority election integrity bills during the 2019 session.

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