Axios Revisionist History Ignores Russian Fever Dreams

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Flordia Congressman Matt Gaetz is working with Look Ahead America to secure elections, and Axios is here to attack these efforts.

Specifically, the D.C.-based news outlet “reporting” on Gaetz is engaging in revisionist history on the topic of electronic voting machine distrust.

It’s an anti-truth stance to suggest that distrust in elections generally and specifically on the topic of electronic voting is a 2020 phenomenon.

Reality check: Distrust of electronic systems being used in elections is a bipartisan and long-running issue.

In fact, it was just four years ago that the left was critiquing election systems ramping up a fabricated Russian boogeyman propaganda regime.

While some of the theories floated following the 2020 election were on their face, inaccurate they aren’t any more far-fetched than the left’s Russian fever dreams.

Unfortunately, with the propaganda machine going brrr, inaccurate claims undermined legitimate issues that should have been examined in the wake of the November election.

Polling conducted in Texas in 2019 showed a continued hemorrhaging of faith, especially when it comes to who is participating in elections.

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