Baseline for Election Integrity in 2019 Isn’t Enough in 2021

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Did you notice there were no specifics in Greg Abbott’s state of the state address on the topic of securing Texas elections?

If you’ve been paying attention, some of the needed reforms are easy to rattle off.

List maintenance, protecting against mail-in ballot fraud, and riding our elections of outside influence, specifically from big tech oligarchs buying election officials and prescribing how elections should be run.

It would have been nice to hear these and others advocated for strongly. That they weren’t should have activists on bait-and-switch alert.

Since his State of the State address, Abbott has put a little meat on his election integrity emergency item’s bones.

Specifically, in an interview with the progressive news outlet Texas Tribune, a great “starting place” is Senate Bill 9, an election integrity measure that failed to become law in 2019.

Media malpractice by the Tribune and others against good governance, coupled with vexatious litigation, put the breaks on all reforms (SB9 included), effectively neutering the GOP troika running Texas.

This is the same pattern of behavior that Texas encountered in 2009 and 2011 before Voter ID was finally passed into law, but Republican lawmakers then, as they will need to do now, stared down the sound, fury, and lawsuits.

Whatever law is passed this session will be sued as well, satisfing the first law of the left when it comes to all efforts to protect elections from fraud; Democrats will sue.

This threat can’t be a deterrent used to water down reforms. Stay alert and sign up for updates.

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