Fake Prescription to Vote by Mail?

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How desperate are Democrats to expand mail-in balloting?

One candidate, a doctor from East Texas appears to be sending emails with fake prescriptions telling her supporters to apply for mail-in ballots.

A campaign email from Dr. Carolyn Salter obtained by Direct Action Texas had the following prescription:

Salter is running in CD 5 a reliably Republican seat currently occupied by Lance Gooden.

Is Salter telling her supporters to break the law and apply for a mail-in ballot?

Above her note Salter wrote:

“COVID-19 is a huge health threat to our community and there is no good reason that Texans should not have access to mail-in ballots in the middle of an international pandemic. That’s why I wrote you this doctor’s note to vote by mail:”

And after the note:

“It is in every Texan’s best interest to vote by mail in the upcoming election. Voting by mail will reduce your exposure to the COVID-19 virus, will expand the electorate, and will help keep our community safe. Make sure you request your mail-in ballot today– doctor’s orders.

So much wrong.

Salter is mistaken about the health risk posed to voters, as in-person voting has been safely accomplished in several elections.

She’s also incorrect in stating that it’s in every Texan’s best interest to vote by mail. Recent elections that have shifted abruptly to rely more heavily on mail-in balloting have resulted in thousands of ballots being lost or mishandled, subjecting them spoilation, meaning a loss of vote.

Is this doctor inappropriately using her professional license?

The fake prescription from Salter relies on the first line of reasoning for expanding voting by mail during the pandemic, fear of catching the virus is a disability and therefore a valid reason to request to vote by mail.

Salter, when she sent her email, hadn’t received the memo that this line of reasoning would be jettisoned.

Last week Democrats shifted their reasoning after realizing the folly of this initial argument. The new one isn’t all that much better, just a little more confounding.

Now Democrats arguing that lacking immunity is a physical condition that qualifies as a disability allowing for everyone to apply for a mail-in ballot.

If they hadn’t already, vampires everywhere are sending off for ballots. It’s not a fear or lack of immunity from COVID19 driving vampire requests but a lack of immunity from the sun.

While fictional like Salter’s script, vampires have an extreme aversion to the sun but no real person is immune to its rays that can and do cause skin cancer. Does anyone have immunity from the sun?

With a little more nuanced approach you get the benefit of confusion but only for a moment, it’s why the argument will likely shift again.

But entertaining these arguments assumes the left is being honest about the temporary nature of this mail-in expansion, which they aren’t.

Democrats aren’t fighting for expanded mail-in balloting for one election. As we’ve previously written, the expansion of balloting by mail is a policy objective that Democrats want in all election cycles.

These lawsuits are purely a political move, have nothing to do with public health, undermine trust in elections and are costing taxpayers money that could otherwise be spent on recovery efforts

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