Citizen Files to Have Dallas Elections Administrator Removed from Office.

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Earlier today Dallas attorney, J.J. Koch, filed a petition to have a jury hear the case on the removal of Dallas County Elections Administrator from her elected office. This comes on the heels of  WFAA breaking a story last week that Toni Pippins-Poole, the Dallas Elections Administrator, was shaking down the county’s vendors for cash. In that story, they share various communications where Pippins-Poole is pressuring vendors to “sponsor” various activities she is involved in. One vendor replied asking where to send the cash, in the past they simply gave it to Toni.

Earlier this year Dallas became the subject of a massive voter fraud investigation. The Dallas DA originally went public with the investigation, but the issues are so problematic that they caused the Texas Attorney General to join in. (See article HERE.) The Dallas Morning News and WFAA have covered the scandal in depth. The May municipal election saw it’s mail-in ballots sequestered, leading to the same in the June runoff. The level of incompetence at the top of Dallas County Elections appears to have no bounds.

Section 87 of the Texas Local Government Code allows for the removal from office of County elected officials for one of the three offenses:

(1) incompetency;
(2) official misconduct; or
(3) intoxication on or off duty caused by drinking an
alcoholic beverage.

In his filing, Mr. Koch, claims both (1) incompetency and (2) official misconduct. Mr. Koch points to the work of Direct Action Texas, our investigation into Dallas County election fraud, as a big part of his claim for incompetency. The apparent financial shake down documented by WFAA goes directly to the official misconduct claim. Koch’s full petition can be ready HERE.

Mr. Koch, who is also running for County Commissioner, we wish him luck with his petition – in Democrat Dallas county he is going to need it. At face value it would appear Mr. Koch has good reason for his claims, but in Dallas we have seen time and time again, accountability of local elected officials is not a value set they adhere to.

On behalf of Texans, we thank you Mr. Koch for filing the 87 removal.


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